The residency laws of the country allows married expatriate men who are living and working legally here to bring their wives to join them in the UAE.

Any man can sponsor his wife if he complies with the residency laws.

However, the residency laws allow Muslim expatriate men who are married to more than one woman, to sponsor only one of them for the residency visa.

The residency visa period for expatriates is usually between one and three years and according to the law of the country, the residency visa for wives is valid for three years.

In order to bring your wife here your salary should be not less than Dh3,000 plus housing or a total remuneration of Dh4,000.


If the husband is the breadwinner and supports his wife, he should submit the application and sign it.

If the wife is young (under 25 years) then approval of the director-general of the naturalisation and residency department is needed.

The husband can send a visit visa to his new spouse and she can enter the country on this visa. After arrival the husband has to apply for a residency visa for his wife. This should be done within 60 days or the husband will be fined Dh25 for each day of delay. The husband should submit a document from his embassy or consulate to prove that he is her sole supporter. That document should be attested by the foreign ministry.


If the couple was married in their home country and the wife followed the husband here later, the legal marriage certificate should be submitted in order to obtain a residence visa for the wife.

All documents should be attested and notarised by the authorities in the home country. The documents should be attested by the court, the immigration authority, UAE embassy in the home country of the wife and approved by the foreign ministry of her home country.

The wife will then be granted a residence visa for a housewife. She will not be allowed to work under this visa and her sponsor in this country will be the husband.

Procedure: Documents to bring

  • First make sure your salary is at least Dh4,000 to sponsor your wife
  • Apply for visit visa first so that she can enter the country
  • After she arrives here, the husband can apply for a residency visa at the emirate which has issued your residency visa
  • The documents needed include a photocopy of your passport
  • A photocopy of the wife's passport
  • A copy of your eGate card (in case you apply in Dubai)
  • Marriage certificate attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Submit your work contract, which should be attested
  • An approved salary certificate, if working for the government
  • Medical checkup of the wife at an authorised hospital or clinic
  • Application fee (e-form) is Dh100
  • Additional Dh100 for urgent application fee (e-form)
  • Dh10 Empost label (optional)
  • After the end of her three years' residency, the visa has to be renewed

Here you will need:

  • Her original passport
  • A copy of the husband's passport
  • Three passport-size pictures of the wife
  • Your work contract (if you work in a private company, or salary certificate if you work for the public sector)
  • Fees is Dh100 for each year of residency visa renewal (the maximum is 3 years)