Abu Hail Townhouses in Deira is offering two-month rent free on new annual contracts. Plus, the options to pay in six cheques. Image Credit: Grace Paras/ANM

I rented my villa in Dubai to a family for a year. On submitting the post-dated cheque for the third instalment of the rent, I found that they had closed their bank account. Every time I contact them they promise to pay the money and continue to use the villa. What is the quickest way to vacate them? Do I have the right to cut the electricity connection, which is under my name?

I would like to advise the questioner that he shall follow the steps set forth in Article No 25/1/A of Rent Act No 26/2007 as amended by Law No 33/2009 concerning regulation of the relationship between lessors and lessees of real estate in Dubai. The lessor can get the property vacated during the period of the tenancy contract provided he serves payment notice within 30 days unless otherwise agreed and that the notice shall be sent by the notary or registered mail.

In the event of non-payment within the said period, the questioner can file a rental case before the judicial committee on rental disputes between lessors and tenants in the Dubai Municipality to claim for the rent and termination of the contract. However, the questioner has no right to cut the electricity connection for any reason.

Questions answered by Advocate Mohammad Ebrahim Al Shaiba of Al Shaiba Advocates and Legal Consultants.