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Suicide prevention: Resources in the UAE

Which resources are available to people in the UAE?

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There are several factors that could lead an individual to consider committing suicide. These range from depression, to certain mental disorders, or difficulties in their finances, relationships and school.

If you’re hurting and reading this right now: you being here, on this page, is the first step.

Note that encouraging, assisting and attempting suicide is a crime under The Penal Law in the UAE.  Article No 335 states that “a person who attempts suicide is subject to imprisonment that does not exceed six months, or a fine that does not exceed Dh5,000 or both”.

If you have no one to talk to immediately, consider the below options.

Suicide Prevention Chats is a resource centre aimed at assisting people who are dealing with suicidal or self-destructive tendencies. The website has an online chat service that is available worldwide.

You can read more about it here.

Help on Reddit: You’re not alone

The sub-reddit Suicide Watch have a range of answers to almost every question you might have. The page is moderated heavily and is a safe place for support. If you do not prefer posting on the page, you can also message the moderators who will talk with you privately, or help in any other way that they can.

Get to it here.

The Indian Workers Resources Centre (IWRC)

The Indian Embassy have a distress hotline and a help centre. Callers can discuss their emotional and financial issues, and they will be either assisted on the phone or scheduled to meet a counsellor, free of cost.

The IWRC hotline can be reached at 800 46342.

The Lighthouse

The lighthouse is a mental health and wellness clinic here in Dubai that provides psychological and psychiatric care. You can contact them through their website for a free and confidential assessment. Browse through their event calendar. They host regular workshops such as ‘Healing through Meditation’ and a free-of-charge grief support meeting for friends and family members who have lost someone to suicide.

Visit them here or call them on 043809298, they are here to help.


Meetup is a website that connects people. If you are lonely, just need to get your mind off things or keep yourself busy, check out the website and you are sure to find an activity that you can enjoy with likeminded people. From nature photography to learning how to code apps and websites – there’s something here for everyone.