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Father's Day: 6 heart-warming videos and messages for Dads

Get the old man and yourself all mushy inside with one or all of these notes. Fathers are superheroes!

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We often fail to notice things our Dads do for us. Giving appreciation can be done in a lot of ways, and here are some messages and videos you can enjoy with your Dad, or share this article with him.  

1. You're my hero, Daddy.

You were the first to run to me when I fell, hold my hand when I walked to school and hold me safe as I learned to ride a bike. Daddy, you have no idea how I amazed I was when you and I crossed the road. I always thought you were Superman commanding the universe to stop just to let me walk ahead.

2. Thanks for making me laugh, and cringe

You’re always fun! You make me laugh harder than anyone else, even if they are the cheesiest Dad jokes ever. Dad, no matter how corny you and your jokes are I will always be your number one fan.

3. I’m proud of you, Dad

I have always felt an unrelenting need to make you proud. You may not always hear this often, but it’s you who make us proud. You have made so many personal sacrifices for our sake and to provide us a better future. 

4. I owe everything to you.

Dads sacrifice so much to ensure we have everything. With myself, my Dad took overseas contract jobs to send me to school, staying away even during the holidays and festive seasons. I owe so much to him. 

5. I'm sorry

I’m sorry, Dad, for not thanking you enough - for all the days I drove you crazy and had my food-throwing tantrums. 

6. I love you, Dad

You matter so much to me. I saw your struggles and how hard you worked until we could take care of ourselves. I love you, Dad.