Image Credit: Supplied/ Burj Khalifa

This month, Burj Khalifa will showcase a new LED show titled Soar’. Selected from hundreds of submissions, ‘Soar’ will illustrate the celebration of life and energy in the universe.

Motion Designer and 3D animator Víctor Gómez Ródenas’ was inspired to showcase how the constant motion and reactions of energy that flow across the space, result in the creation of everything that surrounds us.

For the show, Victor uses composer Gyom’s sound track with the animation tailored to the music.  With the captivating soundtrack and an incredible mixture of visual elements, visitors can look forward to an enriching, bright and a colourful experience.  

Soar adds to the on-going shows for Ramadan. Prolific designer/painter Art Noor’s pathbreaking work, a show inspired by the 99 names of Allah is being held as part of the Month of Ramadan.

The details:

Location:Burj Khalifa

Cost: Free and open to all

Date: All throughout June

Time: Sunday to Wednesday, every hour from 7.45pm to 10.45pm

Thursday to Saturday, every 30 minutes from 7.45pm to 10.45pm