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Martin Weatherall, co-director of the Initiative to Stop Wireless Electromagnetic Pollution (WEEP), said simple geography dictates exposure to potentially dangerous wireless transmissions.

“Yes, those close to the roof should be very concerned…this is a very dangerous practice,” Weatherall told Gulf News from Canada. “The closer people are to the radiation source, the more likely that it is very powerful and more dangerous.”

As one of the leaders of an organisation that monitors scientific studies relating to wireless fields and their human health effects, Weatherall said children in particular, may be especially placed in harm’s way when exposed to heavy amounts of electromagnetic sources.

“Yes, we are very concerned for the long-term health of children. It is not just the skull size but the fact that children’s immune systems may not be fully developed,” he said. “It is both short term and also long term. The cumulative effects of wireless radiation are likely to cause long-term harm later in life. Children have never previously been exposed to the massive amounts of microwave radiation that they are being exposed to today. “

How to limit effects

On the heels of the WHO classification of Carcinogen B for families or people living near mobile phone towers, Weatherall said people can take immediate action to help reduce exposure.

“Buy a good quality radiofrequency meter and shield the radiation from entering the apartment. Bring those measurements down as low as possible. Do not use wireless devices (cordless telephones, Wi Fi etc) in the apartment,” he said.

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