Image Credit: Instagram/ Courtesy:@bashenka_h

Dubai: A video trending online in the UAE has captured the hearts of mothers and daughters alike.

In a span of four days, the video posted on Instagram by @bashenka_h received over 97,5000 views as fellow social media users praised her kindness and thoughtfulness.

The video was accompanied with the caption: “The best surprise ever! When you surprise your parents and you are [a] stewardess on their flight to Beijing.”

Identified on her social media account as Barbora, the Emirates flight attendant showed followers how she surprised he mother on her birthday.  

In the video, viewers can see how Barbora walks down the aisle carrying two crystal flutes on a tray as she makes a beeline towards an older couple wo are sitting in Business Class.

As the flight attendant greets the two passengers, the woman looks up in disbelief as she sees that it is indeed her daughter standing right in front of her.

With warm hugs and kisses, Barbora wishes her mother a happy birthday and then shifts her way to her emotional father, who was also taken by surprise.

Unable to contain their excitement, the proud parents swell up in tears as they try to compose themselves on their flight to Beijing, China.   

A video of how an Emirates stewardess surprised her mother on a flight to Beijing, China, has been trending in the UAE. Instagram/@bashenka_h

“I’m so grateful that I have you as a mom. Thanks for always believing in me,” said Barbora on her social media account.

“Thank you for being such a kind, supportive and loving mother. I wish you all the happiness in the world because you deserve it.”