GDRFA Dubai has made preparations to process amnesty-seekers in Al Aweer, Dubai, Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News

Dubai: Most of the UAE amnesty seekers returning to their home countries without passports will get outpasses for free or at discounted rates.

The Philippines government was the first to announce on Thursday that its missions would bear the cost of outpasses [the emergency travel documents issued by diplomatic missions], fees for clearing absconding cases and getting exit papers from local authorities and flight tickets for Filipinos flying home during the amnesty.

 outpass fee waived by Nepalese government for amnesty-seekers

On Monday, diplomatic missions of labour-sending countries from the subcontinent told Gulf News that they would also support the needy applicants seeking outpasses through different schemes.

The missions said they are also in discussions with their national carriers to expedite the issuance of flight tickets to amnesty seekers and offer them tickets either free or at discounted rates.

While Nepalese and Pakistani missions will issue outpasses for free for all the amnesty applicants exiting the country, India and Sri Lanka will offer it for free in deserving cases. Bangladesh will issue the document at a discounted rate.

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The Pakistani missions will also extend validity of passports for seven months for free for amnesty seekers planning to stay back after rectifying their visa status, a spokesperson said. But, those applying for the new passport will have to pay the fee.

The Nepalese government will waive off the Dh150 outpass fee for all amnesty applicants, said Sagar Prasad Phuyal, Charge d’Affaires at the embassy.

The Bangladeshi missions have reduced the fee of emergency certificate from Dh60 to Dh20, said Mohammad Imran, the Bangladeshi Ambassador.

Dh20 emergency certificate fee for Bangladeshi amnesty-seekers, reduced from Dh60

The missions will consider requests from amnesty seekers for free flight tickets in most deserving cases, he added.

The Sri Lankan missions would also issue free travel documents to amnesty seekers with poor financial background, said Chathura Weerasekara, head of chancery, at Sri Lankan Consulate in Dubai.

The consulate is also discussing plans to station an official of Sri Lankan airlines in the mission to facilitate fast issuance of flight tickets and to provide discounted fares in deserving cases.

The Indian missions would also issue free air tickets and emergency certificates to the needy applicants on a means-tested basis, which the missions have been doing with the aid of the Indian Community Welfare Fund, senior diplomats said.