L to R: Jubilant Daisy Mae Vallespin, Rita Sharma, Agnes M warionja Kathambi, Jayashree Babu and Naomi Nduta react after getting Women's Day surprise lunch offer for some female workers of the Greens Community by Emaar management team at The Palace, Downtown on Wednesday. Image Credit: Pankaj Sharma/Gulf News

Dubai: International Women’s Day this time turned out to be an unforgettable day for a group of women workers as they got a chance to have their first-ever five-star lunch, with the view of Burj Khalifa in the backdrop, on Wednesday.

The five women working as concierge and facility management staff members at the Greens Community in Dubai were given the surprise treat by the Emaar Community Management and the Women of Worth (WoW) women empowerment group in the Greens and Views Community.

They were brought to The Palace Downtown Dubai’s Ewaan poolside lounge on the pretext of a special duty to usher in some VIP guests of Emaar. However, it was only when they were ready to be served lunch that the women were told that they are the VIPs of the day.

Surprise and disbelief followed cheers, laughter and hugs as the women workers heard WoW members Subrata R. Singh and Kushbu Whabi say the five-star buffet was a special treat for them because everybody is proud and thankful to them for the job they are doing for the community.

“I am just amazed. I don’t have words,” said Naomi Nduta, a single mother from Kenya. “We really appreciate this. God bless you all,” she added.

Rita Sharma, another single mother from Nepal, was speechless. Tears welled up in her eyes and she said she felt “more proud of being a woman”.

For Filipina Daisy Mae Vallepin, who is just two weeks into her job at the community, this was a grand welcome reception to Dubai, while it turned out to be a wedding treat for Jayashree Babu who resumed work two days back after her wedding in India.

As they took selfies and group pictures, Agnes Kathambi from Kenya, said she missed her seven sisters and mother back home on the occasion. However, she said she was happy to experience it with her colleagues of different nationalities whom she considers like her sisters.

The WoW members appreciated Emaar Community Management for facilitating the special celebration as part of their Year of Giving initiative.