Seven-year-old Ahmad made good his resolve to complete the entire 30-day fasting period. Image Credit: Arshad Ali/Gulf News

Ajman: A seven-year-old Indian expatriate Ahmad Madani has surprised his parents and friends by fasting the whole of Ramadan.

Mahmoud Madani, the boy’s father, told Gulf News that Ahmad was influenced by his elder sisters Humera. 9 and Ameena, 11 who have been fasting for the last three years.

Last year, Ahmad attempted to fast during Ramadan, but was stopped by his mother on the fifth day because she feared for his health.

This Ramadan, however, Ahmad insisted that he would fast the whole month.

At first, his family was sceptical about whether he would complete the entire 30 days. “We initially thought that he would break his fast after the first few days,” Ahmad’s father said.

“We kept telling him that he is young, and that he could eat and drink whenever he felt hungry or tired, but he never did.”

Ahmad’s mother stated that Ahmad went about his daily routine, playing and running around with his sisters without complaining.

“On normal days, Ahmad like any seven-year-old would ask for food every other hour, so I was surprised that he never complained from hunger or thirst,” his mother adds.

This made Ahmad’s father suspicious about whether he was secretly breaking his fast. However after watching him closely they were pleasantly surprised to know that he was, in fact, fasting religiously. Ahmad’s mother added that he would insist on waking up for suhoor.

When Gulf News asked Ahmad about his experience, he said: “I enjoyed fasting with my sisters and I pray to Allah that I will be able to fast next year as well.”

The family has planned to throw a party for Ahmad.


Noor Nazzal is an intern with Gulf News.