Image Credit: GN Archives

Dubai: When baking bread, the scent of the final product is warm, satisfying and rich.

Social media users in the UAE however claim that they came across dough that when cooked, smelt exactly like nylon, similar to that of burnt plastic with a strong, acrid, chemical smell.

On Thursday, Dubai Municipality responded to rumours circulating on social networking sites, and clarified that no such types of nylon-smelling dough exist in the UAE market.

The Food Safety Department confirmed that “all food establishments are subject to periodic inspections, and samples of products manufactured in the emirate are continuously taken to ensure compliance with food safety standards and specifications.”

It further clarified that most food products have a strange odour when first cooked, although they are not like nylon. 

The department explained that the video circulating on social media was not carried out in a scientific manner, and was not presented by a specialist in the field of food safety. 

“The video was presented by a person who is not a specialist in the field of food safety, and most of the times, the purpose of publishing such videos is usually to harm the reputation of the manufacturer or the company for commercial competition,” according to Dubai Municipality.


To verify rumours, residents can contact Dubai Municipality’s call centre on 800 900 or through WhatsApp on +971 50 1077799.