Police on Saturday reunited an Indian national, who was reported missing from his home for the last four days, with his family Fahad Deshmukh with his uncle Mohiuddin Deshmukh ,85 . Image credit:Family

Dubai: Police on Saturday reunited an Indian man with his family, after he was reported missing from his home four days ago.

Fahad Deshmukh told Gulf News his uncle, Mohiuddin Deshmukh, 85, was found in a mosque in the Al Twar area of Dubai, and people informed the police about his location on Saturday.

Dubai Police contacted the family and told them they found the elderly man. The family later brought him home.

The family members thanked police in Sharjah and Dubai and members of public for helping to locate the missing person.

They had posted the man’s photo on social media platforms asking public to help to locate the elderly man.

Deshmukh was last seen at a mosque near Mega Mall in Sharjah on September 18. A missing report was lodged with Al Gharb Police station.

On Wednesday, the man was seen at a mosque behind the Dubai Municipality building in Al Twar. He was taken to a police station but was allowed to go as he assured authorities he knew his way to home.

Deshmukh said his uncle liked to sit in mosques and recite holy Quran.