Hamad Mohammad Bin Mejren Image Credit: Zarina Fernandes/Gulf News

Dubai: Ramadan is a good opportunity to connect with the various nationalities in Dubai, a senior tourism official said, announcing a host of activities for the month.

"It is the best time [to visit Dubai] for those interested in Islam and our culture," said Hamad Mohammad Bin Mejren, executive director at the Department of Tourism.

To further grab attention of people, Loon [Amir Hawkins] a former rap artist, will give a talk on the "Pursuit of Happiness" at the Ramadan Forum. The American was also an actor before he embraced Islam in 2009.

Million visitors

The Ramadan Forum has attracted over a million visitors since its inception nine years ago, said Bin Mejren, noting that an iftar programme for non-Muslims will also be held at Obaid and Juma Bin Thani House in the historical Shindagha district.

Obaid Bin Thani's House was built in 1917 of stones and gypsum and was one of the first homes built in this district. This house today hosts a themed exhibition within eight of its different rooms, called Al Siraaj (the guiding light), so named after one of the characteristics of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

The Ramadan Forum will be held from August 4 to 16 at Al Twar district and will include lectures on Islam in three different languages, Tagalog, English and Malayalam, Bin Mejren said.

"We invite everyone to come and join in the festivities," he said.

Unique platform

"The objective [of the Ramadan Forum] is to connect with 150 nationalities and explain our religion.

Dubai Tourism has established a unique platform to interact with various segments of the society and to showcase the different offerings during the holy month," he said.

A huge tent will be set up for a daily mass iftar (the ending of the daily fast every evening) for more than 2,500 people in Al Muhaisnah area in Deira, said Bin Mejren.

Ramadan is expected to begin on August 1, with the sighting of the Moon.


  • Thursday, Ramadan 11 (August 11) How to Achieve True Peace (Tagalog) Omar Penalber 10-12 pm
  • Friday, Ramadan 12 (August 12) Pursuit of Happiness. (English) Loon (Amir Hawkins) 10-12pm
  • Saturday, Ramadan 13 (August 13) Embracing the Inner Struggle. (English) Abdul Rahim Green 10- 12pm
  • Sunday, Ramadan 14 (August 14) Faith and Security. (Malayalam) Mohammad M. Akbar 10-12pm