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Dubai: The first ladies-only Ramadan tent has opened its doors in Grand Hyatt, Dubai, giving women the chance to enjoy a private and interactive space with their girlfriends every night this month.

Given the name, "Hia", Arabic for "Her", the tent is run by female waitresses, chefs, hostesses and live entertainers, and is exclusively for ladies over the age of 18 years.

Offering suhour, shisha, live entertainment, and designer showcases, the tent is open daily during Ramadan from 9pm to 3am.

“We wanted to create a beautiful space to pamper women and make them feel like royalty, a space where they can unwind, listen to good music, eat good food, have some shisha, play some cards, watch their favourite series and even shop from our weekly designer showcases within the tent,” said Farida Abu Shady, the Food and Beverage marketing executive at Grand Hyatt Dubai.

Guests have the option of ordering for the A La Carte menu or from the Dh195 set menu. The tent, which can accommodate up to 250 women, has placed an age cap in compliance with UAE laws for shisha.

“Our general manager Fathi Khogali, of Egyptian origin, introduced the first-ever Ramadan tent back in 1989 at the Hyatt Regency. This year, he had another urge to think outside the box and introduce something new again,” added Abu Shady.

While the ladies-only Ramadan tent could become the next trend in Dubai, Gulf News spoke with residents about their thoughts on the new venue.

Jordanian Noor Hassan, 25, said she was happy to hear about the tent, and will be visiting with her girlfriends on their next girl’s night out.

“I am not sure why nobody has come up with the idea before, because it’s genius. There are a lot of women’s gatherings during Ramadan, and this tent gives us an alternative place to meet and enjoy suhour out,” she said. Hassan pointed out that many women would prefer a women’s only venue where they can “let loose and enjoy” during the religious month.

Another Dubai resident, Leena Osama from Egypt, 23, said the women’s only tent should become an annual Ramadan event, as it provides Muslim women with an alternative to mixed Ramadan tents.

“For me it’s about giving women a space where they are comfortable to dress freely, and mingle with others without worrying about the stereotypes associated with mixed Ramadan tents,” she said.