Alanood Abdul Rahman Al Hammadi introduces her work at ‘Beyond the Frame, an exhibition on contemporary art in the UAE, at the residence of the American Ambassador to the UAE. Image Credit: Ahmed Kutty/Gulf News

Abu Dhabi: A dynamic group of emerging Emirati artists, alongside American counterparts, have been featured in an exhibition of contemporary art in the Emirates at US ambassador Michael Corbin’s residence.

Nine leading Emirati and American artists, who either live in or have strong creative ties to the UAE, displayed their work at the exhibition, entitled ‘Beyond the Frame’.

The work on show explored the notion of moving beyond the ways that art, aesthetics, history and culture have been traditionally framed.

“I love art and I believe it is a great form of communication that helps in building bridges between people and invites them in exchanging their ideas through visual arts,” Corbin told Gulf News.

“Art completes my mission as an ambassador and it is one of my essential job responsibilities. US embassies around the world cultivate and maintain partnerships with thousands of artists, museums and galleries, which provide diverse exhibitions to boost diplomatic ties between countries and highlight their cultures.”

The exhibition was conceived and realised by the curator and critic Isabella Ellaheh Hughes, who specialises in contemporary art and consults on curatorial, artistic and cultural projects in both the commercial and non-profit art world.

“The new audience is what has mainly attracted me towards projecting my art work at the US ambassador residence,” said Noor Al Suwaidi, one of the Emirati artists, who has also exhibited at the Fine Art Gallery in Dubai.

“I have created diptych drawings especially for this exhibit. Since age nine, I have dedicated myself to a creative career with the support of my family and friends.”

The 30-year-old has defined her work as “an amalgamation of bold, conspicuous chromatic movements, guided into shapes and left to meet at moments where our imaginations make and shake figures into focus.”

In contrast to Al Suwaidi, Alanood Abdul Rahman Al Hammadi, a 25-year-old Emirati and a recent graduate of Zayed University, is participating for the first time in an art exhibition at the capital.

“I used my pencil and paper to create the Jadayel (braids created into symbols and shapes from all over the world and a variety of cultures) as there are several shaped cultural misconceptions about the reality of Islam in the world,” said.

“My father has discovered my talent recently and he motivated me to continue participating in art galleries and exhibitions to expand my skills and learn from other leading artists worldwide.”

The exhibition ended on Saturday after running since last November.