Jebel Ali Village residents stepped up and help one another when rain water caused flash floods in their neighbourhood. Image Credit: Janice Leon/Gulf News


Residents across Dubai communities are in disbelief at the damage caused to their homes due to one rainy day.

Residents expressed their frustration on different social media channels, posting pictures of their flooded homes, cracked furniture, and drowning cars.

Communities such as Jumeirah Village Triangle (JVT), the Green Community, Discovery Gardens, and Dubai Investment Park (DIP) are facing severe flooding, with water levels reaching two to three feet.


Jumeirah Village Triangle:

“Water has hit our fuse box again and blown out the electricity. All our windows on the ground floor are leaking, and the roof is not waterproof. Water is now dripping from the roof, and [the situation] is becoming worse very quickly. This is unacceptable, and very hard to manage. Houses need to be waterproof and should not be leaking because of a few hours of rain,” said a resident living in a villa at the Jumeirah Village Triangle community.


Jumeirah Village Triangle:

“The roof is not watertight and couldn’t handle the amount of rain that fell yesterday. It leaked through our wardrobes, but also unfortunately into the fuse box which blew out the electricity supply. As we have a small baby we got someone in immediately to fix the issue and make sure the house was safe, only to find out that there was a problem with the DEWA supply — we still only have limited power in the house and no water. Because of our baby, we are staying in a hotel and will have to stay longer if the problem is not fixed. I am grateful to my neighbour who came to the rescue by putting milk for my baby in his freezer,” said Dani Hakim from the UK.


Dubai Investment Park:

“My house was flooded yesterday and I was shocked that the electricity went off in the ground level. All my appliances are damaged, and water is still coming in. I wish we could get some help,” said a resident living in DIP.


Jumeirah Village Triangle:

“There is a leak in every room, and water was seeping in from both windows and the ceiling. The damage in the house is severe. Luckily, I did not have loss of electricity or water, but the roof is not waterproofed in spite of us getting a contractor’s assurance that it was fixed. I have water leaking from the ceiling, the windows, and balcony doors. I hope the contractors do something about the roof and draining of water,” said a resident in JVT.


Green Community (West side):

“Water is still flooding the area outside my house, and I can’t leave, I am stuck at home. My appliances are not working anymore and my furniture is damaged. To add to that, all doors in my house won’t close because of the water damage. The garage door is also broken because of the water pushing against it. It’s a nightmare. I wish the municipality would help in pumping water off the streets and houses,” said a resident at the Green Community.