The new defibrillators will add to the life-saving equipment in emergency vehicles and units. Image Credit: Courtesy: DCAS

Dubai: Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services (DCAS) has added 72 new advanced defibrillators to its emergency vehicles and units to boost life-saving medical assistance for heart patients.

The LifePak 15 cardiac defibrillators introduced are the latest version of the previous LifePak 12 which are used to treat heart attacks and stabilise rapid and irregular heartbeats, DCAS announced.

Khalifa Bin Darri, executive director of the DCAS said the devices have already been distributed to the intensive care vehicles that deal with heart patients, including the maternity and childhood units, the first-responder vehicles and at the airport.

Ambulances across Deira and Bur Dubai have also been equipped with the brand new devices.

“Introduction of the latest devices ensures rapid response and rapid intervention when rescuing patients who face sudden heart attacks and require immediate reviving,” Bin Darri said. “It also comes within the framework of keeping pace with the application of internationally recognised standards.”

He added that the cardiac defibrillators used by the foundation have helped save the lives of many patients who suffered from heart attacks, especially at Dubai Airport, at homes and public areas.

Dr Omar Al Saqqaf, head of the Department of Medical and Technical Affairs at DCAS said LifePak 15 is an acute cardiac care response system that is used to give patients suffering from heart attacks a dose of electric current which helps in stimulating the heart and regulating the pulse.

“The device has a high-quality LED display with a colour scheme which displays the vital signs of the patient,” he said.