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Dubai: Millions around the world find his advice and insights on how to lead a productive, successful and empathetic life to be of immense value. A visionary and speaker par excellence, Sadhguru, who founded the Isha Foundation In India in 1992, will be in Dubai on Friday to hold a Meet, Mingle and Meditate event at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

The event will also see the launch in the UAE of his latest book, Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide to Joy, a New York Times and Amazon best-seller.

The book, suffused with clarity and incisiveness, is replete with Sadhguru’s simple yet profound observations of life and his personal experiences. It is divided into two parts. The first is more conversational as Sadhguru takes the reader on a journey into his life, while the second part devotes itself to deconstructing for the reader the various aspects regarding the role of the body, mind and energy. In a note to readers before the second section, Sadhguru says that within each section, the book seeks to extend your ideas of what constitutes the physical, the psychological and the (energetic).

For example, on the topic of responsibility, Sadhguru says, “Responsibility is a much misunderstood term. It has been used so widely and indiscriminately that it has lost much of its inner voltage. Responsibility does not mean taking on the burdens of the world, it does not mean accepting blame for things you have done or not done. It does not mean living in a state of perpetual guilt. Responsibility means your ability to respond. If you decide ‘I am responsible’, you will have the ability to respond. If you decide ‘I am not responsible, you will not have the ability to respond …”

On yoga, Sadhguru says, “Yoga is not a practice. It is not an exercise. It is not a technique. The images in popular consciousness point to a bowlderized form of yoga that has now pervaded the world …. The science of yoga is quite simply the science of being in perfect alignment, in absolute harmony, in complete sync with existence … Yoga is the science of creating inner situations exactly the way you want them. When you fine-tune yourself to such a point where everything functions beautifully within you, naturally the best of your abilities will flow out of you.”

Today’s event will offer participants the opportunity to explore life’s concerns and discover technologies for well-being.