Mohammad Idris Malek will start his walk on UAE National Day and hopes to complete it in two weeks Image Credit: Clint Egbert/Gulf News

Dubai: A Pakistani carpenter who said he has walked across the UAE previously will again attempt his self-styled 1,050km Peace Walk across all seven emirates in honour of the UAE, starting on National Day (December 2) from Hatta.

Mohammad Idris Malek, 56, who claims to have undertaken such pan-UAE journeys in 2015, 2014 and 2013, said his walk aims to draw attention to the peaceful life in the UAE that is “a model for the world to follow”.

This year, he will also carry a Pakistani flag, besides the UAE flag, to symbolise solidarity between the two countries.

Malek hopes to complete the gruelling walk, which will involve sleeping rough under nippy skies, in two weeks, by December 15 or 16 in Abu Dhabi.

The father of four was honoured at the Pakistani embassy in Abu Dhabi after finishing the walk in 2015.

His last walk was the hardest as he took a more winding route to cover more towns between the emirates.

“I want to send out a message to all people all over the world: Stop the quarrels and the violence for just one week and see what happiness a peaceful life can give you. That’s what we value in the UAE year-round,” Malek said.

“I would also like to congratulate the citizens and residents of the UAE on the occasion of National Day and thank the Dubai Police Club, the good people of the UAE and the Pakistani missions for their support.”

Malek said he is given food and refreshments by residents he passes by during his walks. He uses petrol stations to freshen up along the way.

“I get blisters but the cheers of people keep me going,” he said.

His maiden 2013 attempt had gone largely unnoticed, but in 2014, Malek was honoured by the Pakistani consulate in Dubai when he passed by the mission during his walk.

Malek, who works in Dubai, said he walked about 20 hours per day, carrying a bag weighing around eight kilos.

Malek carried a change of clothes, a pair of sandals, blanket, a mobile phone, ID card, and the UAE flag.

He said he will next attempt a walk from Dubai to London, pushing off on December 22.