Just The Way You Are, the movie launching Filipino actors Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil as a “loveteam” has a simple and common plot that has been seen in many Filipino movies over the years — love and family.

The teen romantic-comedy follows the life of a popular rich guy named Drake Sison (Gil), who makes a bet with his best friend Andrei (Yves Flores) that he will make Sophia Taylor (Soberano) fall in love with him in a month. But once the ruse is completed, he must also confess to her the truth about the bet.

If you are the type of person who loves movies that will make you fall in love, laugh and cry at the same time, then this tear-jerker is for you.

The first few scenes told me this movie was definitely for people half my age, but I was quite surprised that those who watched the film with me on Saturday afternoon were a mix of people of all ages. In fact, a woman who looked much older than me couldn’t contain her excitement whenever Gil appeared on screen, especially in a scene where he’s topless.

I haven’t seen much of Soberano and Gil’s acting (not even their recent hit television soap, Forevermore), but I must say the camera loves them — they look really good on screen. But more than the physical attributes, the revelation for me was Soberano’s acting. With more exposure and good material to hone her talent, she will surely have a place in Philippine cinema alongside the likes of Bea Alonso and Angel Locsin.

I especially liked how she acted in a scene when she was looking for her old and worn out shoes, which Drake replaced with a new pair. Sophia did not want new shoes; her old shoes were a gift from her mum before she passed away. Taking away her shoes was like a piece of herself being taken away.

The film had typical Filipino storylines infused with typical family problems — whether relationships, financial or children rebelling against their parents. But while the plot was not unique, the stars and the supporting cast (including Ricky Davao, Yayo Aguila, Sunshine Cruz and Tonton Gutierrez) did a good job overall.

There are so many teary moments in the film that I could see people wiping away tears every now and then. Certainly, many overseas Filipino workers were moved as they could relate to the family problems presented in the movie.

Just The Way You Are is about taking risks, forgiveness, second chances and moving on. It will most likely make you cry, especially if you’re into the typical Filipino love story genre. But it will also warm the heart.