What happens when Ambujakshan takes his story to a producer and an actor?

If you are wondering who Ambujakshan is, you need to go back to the 1996 Malayalam film Azhagiya Ravanan, a Sreenivasan film.

Ambujakshan, a tailor and writer, returns with his love story in Chirakodinja Kinavugal. Sreenivasan once again plays Ambujakshan; as he begins his narration to the producer (Sunil Sugatha) and actor (Manoj K. Jain) be prepared for laughs.

Directed by debutant Santhosh Viswanath with a script by Praveen S, this film takes a dig at every aspect of the industry. If it mocks the producer and actor, it does not spare the audience either. Even the new generation of filmmakers are not safe.

Kunchako Boban, paired opposite Rima Kallingal, plays two roles. As the hero, he is called thayilkaran, a tailor, and as villain, he is UK Karan (an NRI from UK). He also makes a brief appearance as Dubai Karan (an NRI from Dubai). The two characters fight over the same woman, Sumathy.

This satire built on cliches also has Srinda Ashab and Gregory Jacob playing the friends of the hero and heroine and they too fall in love.

How can I forget the father of the heroine, (Joy Mathews) who wants Sumathy to marry UK Karan and not thayilkaran?

Reality and imagination cross when Sumathy walks into Ambujakshan’s room and questions her creator on her fate.

Chirakodinja Kinavugal does not pretend to be anything but what it intends to be, a spoof film.

Boban plays the subtle thayilkaran with the same ease as he brings to screen the UK Karan, a cool yuppie. Kallingal’s portrayal of Sumathy is brilliant.

Though amusing and entertaining, Chirakodinja Kinavugal is a one-time watch.