Gulaebagavalli makes no pretensions about its motive. It’s an entertainer and succeeds in doing just that. As long as you don’t take it seriously, Gulaebagavalli is ideal to keep your stress at bay.

Directed by Kalyaan S, Gulaebagavalli takes viewers on a treasure hunt to the eponymous village where lies hidden a treasure chest packed with gems dating to the British era.

Badri, played by Prabhudeva, is a thief whose skill lies in smuggling antique idols and is on a new mission to Gulaebagavalli. He soon has company with three others joining him on this quest — Viji (Hansika Motwani) a young woman whom he falls in love with at first sight; Maasha (Revathy), a middle-aged woman and a trickster; and Munish (Ramdoss), who is sent to keep an eye on Badri.

If the content lacks originality and defies logic, it makes up for it with its humour.

Revathy surprises in a never before seen role and the veteran has played it out well. Prabhudeva’s dance moves keep you enthralled.

Look out for the scenes with comedians Sathya and Mottai Rajendran.