The Seara 100% Natural line was offered the Halal Certificate of Conformity at Gulfood 2019 by the Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology Image Credit: Supplied

Seara launched its innovative 100% Natural line of halal-certified poultry products in the UAE as it debuts in the Middle East. The range caters specifically to Islamic requirements and offers four different chicken parts: breast, breast strips, drumsticks and drumstick and thigh fillets. The products comply with strict international quality standards and hold animal well-being certification, attesting to the fact that none of the chickens received antibiotics or hormones at any stage in the production process. Furthermore, all animal feed used throughout the chicken feeding process is 100 per cent vegetable-based.

The Seara 100% Natural line was developed after extensive research of UAE and Middle Eastern consumer tastes, eating habits and cuisines. “Before exporting to the UAE, Seara tested the concept with consumers within the region and the results were promising. The Seara 100% Natural line fits in well with the growing demand for natural, healthier and convenient products that is now a strong trend in the region.

Governments here have undertaken several initiatives to spread awareness about healthier eating and lifestyle habits and consumers are calling for the availability of natural and healthier food,” says Guillermo Henderson, Managing Director of Seara MENA, based in Dubai.

The range was awarded the Halal Certificate of Conformity at Gulfood 2019 by ESMA (Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology), the sole official UAE authority for determining quality standards and developing standards of excellence.

Marcos Delorenzo, Marketing and New Business Director of Seara MENA, says, “Every product in the range carries ESMA’s National Halal Mark, certifying that our production processes fully comply with halal rules and requirements. Our regular range of Whole Chicken and Chicken Parts received the ESMA Certificate of Conformity in 2018, also at a ceremony attended by the authority’s officials.

“Another line recently launched is Seara Perfect Cuts, which offers the finest, hand-cut quality chicken parts. Our objective is to bring more innovation and variety to our product portfolio in the MENA.”

Joanita Karoleski, President of Seara, says, “Our commitment to innovation and high-quality products, coupled with conformance to international standards and certification, dictates our production processes. Seara 100% Natural reinforces our commitment to enrich and nourish customers’ lives with healthy and high-quality products.”

Seara is part of JBS, the largest meat processing company in the world and that enjoys a presence in more than 150 countries. The company traces its business connections to the Middle East as far back as 1975, and set up an office in Dubai in 1999. For more than 60 years, Seara has been working to bring practicality, confidence and innovation to the consumer’s dining table, present them with all that is best in taste and quality.