Unfaithfully Yours is on at Ductac, Mall of the Emirates on Saturday at 5pm and 8pm. Tickets start Dh150. Go to ductac.org Image Credit: Supplied

Is it wrong to be emotionally attached to another person even though you are happily married? Does it amount to infidelity? This is what Raell Padamsee’s play Unfaithfully Yours, coming to Dubai on November 19 at Ductac, explores.

“I mean, who doesn’t like a good love story and gets better and better with every passing year is stuff that fairytales are made of,” Rohit Roy who plays Aakash, the male lead opposite Mona Singh’s Preet, tells Gulf News tabloid!. “Of course there’s a slight twist to the tale. They happen to be married to other people, not each other. But still by the end of the play, you want the couple to stay together forever. That really is the power of true and pure love, even if it’s beyond social acceptance”.

Aakash and Preet have a one-night stand at a wedding, which turns into a once-in-a-year affair. Over time — 25 years — this develops into more than just a sexual liaison.

Padamsee, the daughter of illustrious filmmaker and theatre personality Alyque and Pearl Padamsee, has asserted the play is not about infidelity. For her it’s the development of a beautiful relationship.

“India is changing. Thanks to the internet, the audience has become more mature and is looking for more content-driven entertainment unlike the earlier times,” she said when asked if the country was ready for such a subject, that too on stage. “When we received house full shows and standing ovations, [it] has been extremely encouraging. The compliments that we received made us believe in our work more”.

Singh, who debuted with the TV series Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin (which was based on the Colombian telenovela Yo soy Betty, la fea, which was in turn adapted into the American series Ugly Betty), said she was “bowled over” by the script.

Padamsee had chosen Roy for Aakash but took on Singh on his recommendation.

“This is my first time in theatre, that’s what gave me jitters,” Singh said. “Because everyone knows theatre means no retakes. When I heard the script, I was totally bowled over and instantly agreed to be on board. On many terms I relate to Preet. I also bring a lot of me into her. I’m distinct on various levels with Preet [too] like she’s not much educated, she’s married at the age of 19. I would also not support infidelity. However, emotionally I connect to her”.

Roy, who will be next seen on the big screen in the Hrithik Roshan-starrer Kaabil, on the other hand, says he can’t identify with Aakash.

“My wife Manasi will not let me identify with the character at all,” he said laughing. “In fact I’ll be out of [my] home if I even attempt a relationship like that. [But] having said that, every single performance, people have come to us and said [we] wish we had someone like Aakash or Preet in our lives. In front of their spouses too! Taboo love is an age-old subject. I would say it’s a reality that isn’t permitted within the realms of any society, India or otherwise. It’s not bold, it’s passionate and pure, but not within the perimeters of societal acceptance. India is more evolved than you think. Don’t forget we are the land of the Kama Sutra”.


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Unfaithfully Yours will be held at Ductac, Mall of the Emirates on Saturday, November 19 at 5pm and 8pm. Tickets start Dh150. Log on to ductac.org