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The Great Indian Theatre Show taking place on October 21 and 22 at Emirates International Theatre (Emirates International School Jumeirah) in Dubai includes nine plays — three in Marathi, three in Gujarati and three in Hindi-Urdu — performed by more than 65 artists.

The plays being performed are Sandhya Chayaa, Taxfree, Lombdiyaa in Hindi; Nevermind, Nirnay and Baby Birth in Marathi; and Kshuddha, Aataa Pataa and Positive Thinking in Gujarati.

Lombdiyaa is a play presented by National School of Drama alumnus Ashok Bhanthia and Rajkumar Kanojia, while Sandhya Chayaa is a popular play unfolding the journey of an old couple who find themselves face to face with harsh realities, and Nirnay will make audience reflect on their own circumstances.

Tickets start at Dh50, call 055-7040393 or write to