Clockwise from far left: Se Bin, Woo Sung, Su Hyun, Tae Woong, Sang Ho and Sang Il. Image Credit: Supplied

K-pop boy band Snuper — which means ‘more than super’ — debuted in November 2015 and have since released several single and mini albums, with hit songs The Star of Stars and Platonic Love.

Snuper landed in Abu Dhabi at the Korean Cultural Center (KCC) on Sunday, and performed free mini concerts in Ajman (April 9) and Sharjah (April 10). Their final gig will be in Al Ain on April 12.

They are also set to perform their last mini concert in Al Ain on Thursday, April 12th at the Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) — Al Ain Women’s Campus. Their trip is part of the Travelling Korean Culture 2018, an event hosted by Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the UAE.

The six members — Sang Ho, Sang Il, Su Hyun, Tae Woong, Se Bin and Woo Sung — spoke to Gulf News tabloid! about performing across the Emirates, their thoughts on the K-Pop concert in North Korea, plans for an upcoming album and much more.

Welcome to the Emirates, how does it feel to be performing here for the first time?
Tae Woong: We are so happy to come to the UAE where we always wished to visit. We are so excited to meet our fans in the UAE and cannot wait to spend a great time with them.

Is there any particular place you want to see or visit?
Su Hyun: Want to watch the fountain show under the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Se Bin: Would like to have a foodie tour around the Emirates!

Sang Ho: I wish we could have some time to walk around the streets in the UAE.

Woo Sung: Heard there was a tennis court on top of a tall tower — Burj Al Arab, want to see that too.

You’ve released several mini and single albums, is there a particular Snuper song that holds a special meaning to any of you?
Sang Il: We think Shall We Dance and The Star of Stars are the most meaningful songs to all of us. We debuted with Shall We Dance, so it’s enormously precious to us, and we believe The Star of Stars presented SNUPER the best, and suited the best.

What’s something you would say makes Snuper different from other K-pop groups?
Woo Sung: There are many artists in the industry, but I don’t think we are trying to be different from them. All of artists including us are just on different boats sailing the same ocean. Within that ocean, we are only putting efforts to show as much talent as we could.

Se Bin: We always try hard with cheerful attitudes, and I believe our songs have distinctive colours.

Tae Woong: We will dedicate ourselves and keep working on to be a great group with our own unique colours.

Who from the members has changed the most since your debut? How so?
Woo Sung: All the members became more mature and manly, especially our leader Tae Woong.

How did you feel as K-Pop artists watching South Korean musicians performing in Pyongyang for the first in a decade?
Sang Ho: We were touched to see our senior artists performing on such a meaningful stage where the Korean peninsula harmonised. We wish we could be on such stage in the future, and we will work for it consistently.

Do you look up to any artists as your role models and is there anyone in specific you’d like to collaborate with?
Se Bin & Sang Ho: Shinee

Se Bin & Su Hyun: Exo

Sang Il: Highlight

Tae Woong & Woo Sung: Big Bang. We would like to have a chance to collaborate with Suran or Acoustic Collabo

What kind of group would you hope to be five years from now?
Su Hyun: We wish to be a long-running group, performing on bigger stages and in the bigger world with all our members as best friends.

What’s next for Snuper?
Se Bin: Our new mini album that will be released in this month in Korea! We are preparing a lot for it and hope we could visit the UAE again with the new songs. Please look forward to it!

Is there anything else you’d like to add or tell your Arab Swing [their official fan club] members?
Tae Woong: We can keep going on thanks to all of you fans encouraging us even from far. We are looking forward to seeing you soon. We’ll always show you the better Snuper, love you all.

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The Snuper Al Ain concert is free to attend. Performance is scheduled to start at 3.30pm.