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SF9 is a rising K-Pop act consisting of nine well-rounded members ready to conquer the music scene their own way. As part of their brand ambassador duties for ‘Korea Brand & Content Expo 2019 Dubai’, the members are ready to make their mark in the UAE and capture local fans’ hearts with their presence and performances. Here is what you need to know about 2019’s breakout act:

1. They’re FNC Entertainment’s first male dance-focused act

SF9, or Sensational Feeling 9, is a nine-member act currently signed under FNC Entertainment, home to artists like girl group AOA and pop-rock bands FTISLAND, N.Flying and CNBLUE. With that being said, the nonet is the Korean talent management agency’s first dance-oriented boy band.

2. They’re experimental with their music

The K-Pop group is recognised not only for their stylised and synchronised choreographies but also their diverse, sleekly produced music. Whether it’s their futuristic ‘RPM’, sensuous dark pop ‘Now or `Never’, Latin pop ‘O Sole Mio’, and 60s rock ‘Mamma Mia’, they continue to experiment with diverse genres and sounds in various releases.

3. Their fans are called Fantasy

The band’s official fan club name is ‘Fantasy’ — an acronym for ‘Future, Accompany, Next, Together, Affect, SF9, You’. According to the group, it also means that the members are part of the fans’ fantasy. The announcement was made on the group’s 100th day since debut via V Live in 2017.

4. They recently celebrated their third anniversary

The nonet — Young Bin, In Seong, Jae Yoon, Da Won, Ro Woon, Zu Ho, Tae Yang, Hwi Young, and Cha Ni — celebrated three years in the industry since breaking out in October 2016 with debut single album ‘Feeling Sensation’.

5. They’re members are multifaceted

Whether its self-composing tracks, and dancing or singing in synch, SF9’s members are undeniably talented. Aside from actively promoting in SF9, the group’s ambitious members, such as Cha Ni, Zu Ho and Ro Woon, have also had a hand in acting in Korea dramas.

Member Cha Ni garnered attention for his role in 2016 Korean TV show ‘Signal’ and 2018-2019 hit series ‘Sky Castle’.



SF9 is performing in Dubai as part of the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA), joining boy group Seventeen, South Korean actress Ha Ji Won as well as singer Punch and duo Beatpella. Entry to the event is free. Concerts kick off post 6pm.