Manan Chadha, Director, TRC Pamco
Manan Chadha, Director, TRC Pamco Image Credit: Supplied

TRC Pamco is a leading boutique audit and consulting firm based in the UAE that draws from its tactical knowledge of its existence in the region for close to two decades. Having managed the governance and risk for businesses in a multi-faceted environment, it has allowed the team of 50+ strong committed and qualified professionals to enhance the organisational capabilities of their clients who range from a wide variety of industries. TRC’s niche capabilities of managing risks in new and dynamic growth-oriented business structures lie in its philosophy of buttressing the ‘Four Ps of Governance:’

• People

• Process

• Performance

• Purpose

TRC Pamco has the core philosophy of providing the best of professional services to its clients with the objective of creating a seamless governance structure that helps enhance the efficiency of its business operations while adhering to the principles of the applicable assurance and compliance framework. TRC Pamco has a varied team of professionals who come together to operate specialised analytically backed regulatory and compliance processes within the ever evolving businesses of large organisations.

Tax, which happens to be the new buzzword in this region is something that is easily assimilable for their professionals who have had years of experience in actively ensuring proper regulatory management for varied organisations.

Manan Chadha, a qualified lawyer who has worked with boutique law firms globally and currently heads the operations at TRC brings with him an extensive experience in engaging with global regulators on regulatory issues and advises clients on how to effectively and compliantly administer commercially successful businesses. He has successfully assisted a number of clients on complex tax and compliance related matters and has gathered valuable experience in running smooth and efficient business functions in a highly organised regulatory environment.

Chadha is a third generation professional who aims to continue the legacy of his grandfather – the late Shri Tilak Raj Chadha who set up TR Chadha & Co LLP, one of India’s oldest CA firms, set up in 1946.

Chadha says “Our legacy is not only about the growth of the organisation; it is also the knowledge that we create together and the advancement of the profession itself. At TRC, we have a long-standing reputation for trust that is built on the experience of financial reporting and compliance and we are constantly looking for ways both to enhance the quality of our work and also to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients and stakeholders. In today’s dynamic business environment, change is a constant and as competition grows and our client needs and expectations expand, we have continuously evolved to help our clients and associates thrive.”

TRC Pamco is set to further expand its footprint into the GCC countries in its next phase of expansion and development of services.

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