Senior executives from Watania International Holding extend a symbolic gesture of support by presenting a donation to the Emirates Red Crescent. This contribution will fund iftar meals and Eid clothing for those in need, underscoring Watania's dedication to empathy, integrity, and unity throughout the Ramadan season. From left: From Watania International Holding: Nour Aldin Zarzour, HR operations and Government Relations Manager; Mufti Aziz Rehman, Vice President and Head of Shari’ah Control, and Hamad Sharaf, Chief Strategic Partnerships, with leaders from Emirates Red Cresent: Khaled Mubarak Aljenibi Head of volunteer Section, and Ibrahim Hassan Al Hammadi, Executive, Philanthropists Service

In a profound demonstration of its commitment to empathy, integrity, and unity, Watania International Holding and its subsidiaries Watania Takaful Family and Watania Takaful General launched a series of initiatives throughout the UAE this Ramadan. These activities are organised annually to strengthen the bonds and foster unity within staff of the companies and their community in line with the UAE's vision of inclusive growth and social solidarity.

This Ramadan, Watania partnered with the Emirates Red Crescent to extend support to those in need, demonstrating its solidarity and commitment to the well-being of all community members. The company presented two donations, one to support iftars (Kasret Seyam), for those observing the fast, and another to bring joy to orphans with Eid clothes (Kiswat Eid). These gestures of goodwill reflect the company’s deep-rooted belief in sharing and caring for others.

Watania staff and Cricket team joined other volunteers to distribute thousands of iftar meals to people running late for iftars as part of the Emirates Red Crescent Kasret Seyam initiative with 13,000 iftar meals distributed on 29 March 2024, to honour the legacy of the UAE's Founding Father, late Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan and marking Shaikh Zayed's Humanitarian Day. More Watania staff joined this activity to serve 2,500 iftar meals on the streets on April 1, 2024, while other members of staff helped set up Mae’dt Rahman (Mercy Tables) for labour camps in Jebel Ali and shared iftar meals with them in a warm environment.

The dedication of our staff volunteers, who contributed more than 50 hours of their time, was instrumental in the success of these initiatives, embodying our belief in collective action for the greater good.

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Unity in action: Watania staff and volunteers join forces under the Emirates Red Crescent's Kasret Seyam initiative, distributing 13,000 iftar meals across the UAE on March 29, 2024, in a heartfelt tribute to the legacy of the UAE's Founding Father, Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, and in celebration of Shaikh Zayed's Humanitarian Day Image Credit:

The company also donated approximately 1,250 iftar meals in Mae'dt Rahman or Mercy Tables for labour camps, sharing the warmth of Ramadan with those who contribute tirelessly to our communities. This initiative was funded through the innovative scheme of donating one meal for new and renewed Takaful policies within select portfolios, further linking the business operations with charitable actions.

Reflecting on the company's Ramadan initiatives, Mufti Aziz, Vice President, Shari’ah at Watania International Holding says, "Our Ramadan initiatives are a testament to our dedication to social empowerment and community solidarity. Through these efforts, we not only honor the spirit of Ramadan but also embody the values that form the cornerstone of our legacy and inform our vision for the future. It is through such engagements that we can truly make a difference, fostering a culture of empathy and unity that resonates throughout the year."