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In the world of perfumery, oud stands as a timeless icon, cherished for its rich heritage and captivating aroma. Armaf, rooted in French perfumery tradition yet inspired by Emirati culture, unveils CDN Oud — a revolutionary fusion of oud with Armaf’s craftsmanship. Reimagining oud through innovation, CDN Oud blends tradition with modernity, harmonising the intoxicating oud essence with floral and woody notes. This transcendent fragrance bridges cultures, symbolising unity amidst diversity, while proudly bearing the “Made in UAE” label, showcasing the country’s rising prominence in perfumery.

The collaboration between master perfumer Christian Provenzano and Sterling Parfums’ Chairman Ali Asgar Fakhruddin epitomises creative synergy. Their partnership promises exceptional fragrances, marrying Provenzano’s olfactory expertise with Fakhruddin’s strategic vision. Beyond fragrance, their collaboration sets a precedent for industry partnerships, blending artistry with business acumen to redefine perfumery.

Sterling Perfumes, celebrating its 25th anniversary, reflects on a legacy of excellence and innovation. From humble beginnings to global recognition, Sterling Perfumes’ commitment to crafting exquisite scents resonates with customers worldwide. Looking ahead, the brand aims for expansion, fostering a community of fragrance enthusiasts united by passion and excellence.

CDN Oud epitomises Armaf’s commitment to redefining perfumery boundaries, blending tradition with innovation. The partnership between Provenzano and Fakhruddin symbolises collaborative excellence, while Sterling Perfumes’ legacy speaks of passion and innovation in crafting unforgettable scents. Together, they pave the way for a future of creativity and excellence in the world of perfumery.