Readwhere Digital's brand solutions for display and video campaigns have been highly successful Image Credit: Supplied

Readwhere Digital, a Google-certified publishing partner, is proud to celebrate three successful years of operations in the GCC market. Over the years, they have provided branding, technology, and performance solutions to numerous well-known brands and agencies in the region, including Damas, Tanshiq, Western Union, Amazon, and Carswitch.com, to name a few.

Their brand solutions for display and video campaigns have been highly successful in creating awareness and improving consideration and engagement by up to 500% over traditional digital campaigns. Notably, their shoppable video solutions have yielded exceptional results, particularly for e-commerce and B2C brands in the UAE and KSA.

Building on the success with brand solutions, they are now excited to announce the launch of our new Brand Lift Studies (BLS) service. BLS is a new way to measure the effectiveness of brand campaigns by surveying a representative sample of people before and after the campaign is launched on our network properties. Post then, they will compare the results to determine whether there has been a statistically significant change in brand awareness, perception, and other key metrics.

The data from Readwhere BLS reports can be used to measure the effectiveness of a wide range of marketing campaigns, including online and offline advertising, public relations, and social media. It can also be used to track the performance of a brand over time and identify areas where improvement is needed.

As they run multiple brand solutions campaigns on their platform, BLS will allow advertisers to measure the impact of these campaigns on brand, product, and offering perception in great detail. This information will be invaluable to Readwhere clients, as it will help them to make informed decisions, optimize their strategies, and ensure that their marketing efforts are resonating with their target audience.

Jitin Choudhary, Director of Sales and Marketing at Readwhere Digital, comments, "In today's hyper-competitive digital landscape, it is essential for brands to measure the true impact of their campaigns and marketing mix. Our Brand Lift Studies (BLS) empower brands to make data-driven decisions by providing a comprehensive understanding of brand awareness, perception, and overall campaign effectiveness. Specifically, our BLS reports measure reach and reach efficiency, ad recognition and recall rate, brand recognition rate, brand image, and purchase intention rate."

In conclusion, Readwhere Digital's three-year milestone in the UAE marks a significant achievement in delivering innovative and successful brand solutions to the region. The launch of Brand Lift Studies further solidifies their commitment to empowering brands with the insights needed to thrive in today's competitive landscape. They look forward to continuing the journey of excellence and delivering superior services to the advertisers and agencies.