Sundar Subramanian, CEO, Ramco Systems, and Rohit Mathur, SVP & SBU Head, Global Payroll & HR at Ramco Systems

Ramco Systems, a leading global enterprise solutions provider specializing in payroll technology, has announced the launch of Ramco Payce, a revolutionary platform-based payroll software, in the UAE. With Ramco’s two decades of exceptional performance in this domain, this new payroll solution is designed to transform how businesses in the UAE manage their payroll processes by leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as serverless in-memory computing, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

At the launch event held at Pullman Downtown Dubai on Tuesday, May 7, Sundar Subramanian, CEO of Ramco Systems emphasised the significance of Ramco Payce for businesses in the Middle East. He said, "Ramco's journey in the Middle East has been nothing short of remarkable, with the region becoming an integral part of our success story. Having garnered some marquee brand names, Ramco’s payroll solution has witnessed rapid growth in the region, in recent years.

"Amid the increasing globalisation, diversification, and remote nature of workforces, we understand the challenges businesses face with payroll. Ramco Payce is tailored to lower payroll burdens while simplifying processes, ensuring accuracy and compliance and boosting employee satisfaction."

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Payce offers upgrades on several fronts when it comes to payroll management. With AI at its core, some of the intuitive features that Payce offers is an Anomaly & Reasoning Engine for payroll variances, country specific prebuilt configurations for faster and hassle-free configurations, an intelligent, personalised chatbot for any payroll related queries. In addition, the availability of an Analysis & Reporting tool for real-time data insights will provide businesses and it employees access to clear and accurate information about their pay to build trust and confidence in the organisation.

Rohit Mathur, SVP & SBU Head, Global Payroll & HR at Ramco Systems, highlighted the key features that enable this. Mathur stated, "Ramco Payce will streamline and simplify the complex payroll processing, empowering organisations and payroll professionals with enhanced efficiency. With the capability to handle large data volumes within minutes, Ramco’s lightning-fast payroll processing, coupled with features like self-service reporting, no-code rule builder, and payroll workspaces, will redefine the landscape of payroll transformation."

The launch of Payce in the UAE has further solidified Ramco Systems’ growing presence in the Middle East. Trusted by 500+ customers and with a global payroll coverage across 150+ countries, Ramco’s payroll solution is gearing up for its next growth phase. The company is poised to swiftly introduce Payce to businesses spanning across various industries and regions in the Middle East. Another launch event is slated for Riyadh, further emphasizing Payce's accessibility to businesses.