In an age where health conditions such as hypertension and atrial fibrillation (AFib) (is a type or irregular heartbeat) are on the rise, understanding and monitoring these conditions has never been more critical. Hypertension, often labeled the “silent killer,” affects a significant portion of the adult population and is a major risk factor for more severe health issues, including stroke and heart failure. Notably, in patients with AFib, which is the most common type of serious arrhythmia, hypertension is present in 60-80 per cent of cases. The presence of two or more medical condition substantially increases the risk of developing life-threatening complications.

AFib itself is notoriously difficult to detect, especially since 50-87 per cent of those affected may initially show no symptoms at all. This asymptomatic nature of the condition often delays diagnosis and treatment, which is crucial for preventing stroke and managing heart health effectively. Traditionally, detecting AFib requires access to ECG technology, typically only available in medical settings.

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Introducing OMRON COMPLETE: Home ECG + blood pressure monitor

Monitoring your health from home: When you experience irregular heart rhythms or unusual symptoms, your first instinct might be to rush to the hospital, wondering if something serious is wrong. However, with the OMRON COMPLETE 2-in-1 ECG and blood pressure monitor, you can put your mind at ease by checking your heart health from the comfort of home.


OMRON COMPLETE is a revolutionary device combining a blood pressure monitor and a 1-lead ECG in a single unit. This unique setup allows you to:

Monitor your ECG at home: Instead of waiting for an appointment or stressing about an emergency, OMRON COMPLETE lets you take an ECG right at home. It’s easy to use, and the results are available almost instantly.

Interpretation made simple: You don’t have to decipher complicated ECG readings on your own. The device is designed to analyse your 1 lead ECG automatically and provide clear feedback on whether you need to consult your doctor.

Online sharing with your doctor: If there’s a concern or you want to keep your doctor informed, you can easily share your results online. This allows your healthcare provider to review your ECG remotely and determine if an in-person consultation is necessary.

Why this matters for hypertensive patients

High blood pressure can often go hand in hand with heart rhythm disorders like atrial fibrillation (AFib). Early detection is crucial to prevent further complications. Here’s How OMRON COMPLETE helps:

Dual monitoring: The combination of blood pressure and ECG monitoring provides a fuller picture of your heart health.

Accurate and timely: OMRON COMPLETE a clinically validated device provides reliable data quickly, so you can make informed decisions.

Peace of mind: Knowing you have the ability to check your heart health at home reduces unnecessary anxiety and hospital visits, offering reassurance and control over your well-being.

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Taking control of your heart health

OMRON COMPLETE empowers you to stay on top of your health. Here’s how:

Routine monitoring: The device is designed for regular checks, allowing you to keep a consistent record of your health data.

Automatic interpretation: The built-in algorithm interprets your results and notifies you if medical attention is required, simplifying your health management process.

Shareable reports: With seamless online sharing, your doctor can access your data anytime, helping them provide tailored advice.

The verdict. Take charge of your health today with OMRON COMPLETE — your essential health partner for in-home blood pressure and ECG monitoring.

OMRON COMPLETE is like having a personal health monitoring expert right at home. Innovative, accurate and portable, the device helps you manage your blood pressure and heart rhythm thus avoiding sudden visits to the hospital. OMRON COMPLETE is designed to prioritise your heart health, offering the convenience of ECG and hassle free blood pressure monitoring from the comfort of your home. Take charge of your health today with OMRON COMPLETE, your personal and smart health partner.

With the OMRON COMPLETE 2-in-1 ECG and blood pressure monitor, you can put your mind at ease by checking your heart health from the comfort of home