Kicking off at the Dubai World Trade Centre tomorrow on May 24 and running till Saturday, May 25, The Baby Expo offers a treasure trove of mother and baby products for visitors to explore, test, and purchase.

Featuring thousands of items from over 150 esteemed and much-loved brands including Aveeno Baby, Johnson’s Baby, Stokke, Dabdub, Cybex, Babyzen, Nabi, Bimbly, Maxi Cosi, Leclerc, Mercedes Benz Hartan, Ergobaby, and Pigeon, to highlight just a few.

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Whether it’s in preparation for a new arrival, the next stage of development or the start of your pregnancy journey, receive hands-on demonstrations on a range of products, try out Babyshop’s stroller park, make the most of exclusive promotions and special offers, collect complimentary goodies from our show partners and enjoy entertainment of all the family.

With two days of free education on offer join other new and expectant parents for invaluable life-saving skills from our baby first aid workshops, as well, sleep training, birth preparation talks and newborn care and feeding support from leading experts including King’s College Hospital.

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Kris Fade, entrepreneur, media personality, Co-founder and host of Baby Expo, says, “I’m really excited to be hosting Dubai’s first Baby Expo. With my wife and I, welcoming our baby boy last year, I know first-hand how overwhelming it can be with so much information out there and so many brands to choose from. That’s why we’ve created The Baby Expo. Offering a one-stop destination for all things related to pregnancy and early childhood, with more than 150 globally leading brands and access to thousands of products, expectant parents and families can look forward to free antenatal classes, baby first aid, a stroller testing park and entertainment for all the family.”

Celebrity speakers and educational sessions

The Expo will feature a lineup of high-profile celebrities including Fade, Joelle Mardinian and Russel & Lindsey Kane, who will share their personal and professional experiences and insights about their journeys. The event also features expert speakers, conferences, and workshops addressing essential topics for new parents. These include caring for newborns, lifesaving first aid, sleep training, parent coaching, and nutritional advice.

Ultimate destination for parents

As a central hub for everything related to babies and toddlers, the Expo will allow parents to compare products and specifications across various brands. This segment is designed to help parents make informed decisions and find products that best meet their needs. More than 150 brands will offer exclusive discounts and special promotions, which are available only during the show.

Fun for the entire family

The Expo will host a variety of family-friendly entertainment activities, ensuring that there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Attractions include performances by Magic Phil, soft play areas, sensory activities, arts and crafts stations, baby massage sessions, face painting, and interactive games. Mystery goody bags filled with vouchers and samples will also be distributed to families.

The Mumpreneur Collective Conference

Set to illuminate the entrepreneurial spirit of mothers, the 2024 Baby Expo introduces the Mumpreneur Collective initiative, scheduled for Friday morning. This movement is dedicated to supporting mums who navigate the complexities of starting and running businesses while fulfilling family responsibilities.

Designed for mothers at every stage of their entrepreneurial journey — whether they’re just beginning, planning a return, or seeking to grow their business — the conference offers invaluable insights into business initiation, marketing tactics, achieving financial autonomy, balancing professional and personal life, addressing ‘mum guilt’, and maintaining overall wellness. Highlighting the expertise of speakers such as Donna Benton, Dr Saliha Afridi, Kelly Marie Hodgkin, the innovative minds behind the Qidz app, and many more, The Mumpreneur Collective aims to empower mums looking to thrive within the workplace.

Business Breakfast

For those in the trade, The Baby Expo’s Business Breakfast presents a concentrated half-day schedule filled with enriching content designed to drive your business forward. This includes strategic insights from C-level executives from top global brands and some of the most influential figures in the Middle East’s mother, baby, and toddler sector, focusing on future market trends, challenges, and innovations.

Curated to provide value

Each segment of the Baby Expo is tailored to offer valuable resources, entertainment, and networking opportunities, making it a must-attend event for anyone involved in parenting and childcare in Dubai.

A diverse array of experts in the field of entrepreneurship, baby, toddler and mothers will be present, including Julie Mallon, Kelly Marie Hodgkin, Amanda Jenner, Dr Elena Andrioti, Dr Rafif Tayara, Maysaa Fahour, Nicola Oliver, Lama Shamseddine, Donna Benton, and Mira Khleif. These speakers will provide valuable insights into various aspects of parenting, from sleep consulting to infant nutrition and emotional well-being.

In partnership with premier brands from the baby, maternal and toddler sectors, the Baby Expo proudly showcases an impressive roster of collaborators with the Main Stage powered by Aveeno Baby and Johnson’s Baby and Babyshop - dedicated Baby & Parenting Partner of the event. Bloom joins as Expert Education Stage Sponsor, while Platinum Sponsors include Dabdub and King’s College Hospital Dubai and Gold Sponsors feature esteemed names such as Stokke, Nabi, Bimbly, No More Lice and Shein. Cybex enhances the event as the VIP Influencer Lounge Sponsor, with Dubai Cares joining as Charity Partner and Fade Fit serving as the Strategic Partner. Additionally, Qidz comes on board as the App Partner.

Tickets for Baby Expo are now available in store at Virgin Megastore or through its website, or through The Baby Expo website with 10 per cent of the proceeds being donated to Gaza in our Hearts through Dubai Cares, providing essential aid to families in Gaza.

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The Baby Expo Dubai: On a mission to make the parenthood journey smoother

Exclusive chat with Ashleigh Lloyd, Co-Founder, The Baby Expo Dubai 2024

What inspired the creation of The Baby Expo Dubai, and what are the primary objectives behind hosting such an event?

From my own experience as a mother of two, I understand how thrilling yet overwhelming it can be to prepare for a baby’s arrival. From newborn care to figuring out feeding schedules to sleep routines the journey of parenthood can often feel like navigating uncharted waters.

With this in mind, The Baby Expo idea came about – with a mission to make the parenthood journey smoother and to empower one another as we navigate this path together. With this goal in mind, we’ve created a dynamic, bustling space where parents can discover and purchase the best, most effective products from top global brands. However The Baby Expo is not just about shopping — it’s about exploring the latest innovations, learning from leading experts, and connecting with a community of fellow parents!

Dubai is renowned for its vibrant lifestyle and diverse cultural landscape. Can you share why Dubai was chosen as the venue for The Baby Expo, and how the city’s unique characteristics enhance the event experience?

Dubai’s vibrant lifestyle, cultural diversity, strategic location, innovative spirit, and status as a business hub make it the ideal venue for The Baby Expo. The city’s commitment to pushing boundaries and offering the best for families aligns perfectly with our mission to provide the best for parents and babies.

Hosting The Baby Expo at the World Trade Centre allows us to create an inclusive, exciting space where parents can explore, learn, and connect in a truly unique setting.

How does The Baby Expo Dubai aim to support and empower mothers in navigating the journey of parenthood? Could you highlight some of the key features or services at the expo designed specifically with mothers in mind?

The Baby Expo supports parents by offering guidance and resources on all aspects of baby and toddler care, showcasing over 1000 products from international brands, offering hands-on demonstrations, expert advice, exclusive promotions, and educational sessions on topics like baby first aid, sleep training, and newborn care, all under one roof.

Additionally, The Mumpreneur Collective, taking place on Friday morning will feature inspiring mumpreneurs sharing their personal journeys and offering guidance on balancing motherhood with entrepreneurship. Our goal is for both mothers and fathers to leave feeling confident, connected, and well-prepared for parenthood.

In what ways does The Baby Expo Dubai differentiate itself in providing value to attendees seeking the best deals on baby products and services compared to other similar events or platforms?

The Baby Expo Dubai is the Middle East’s first international baby, toddler and maternity event aiming to revolutionise the parenting experience. With over 150 esteemed brands including Aveeno Baby, Johnson’s Baby, Babyshop, Stokke, Dabdub, Cybex, Nabi, Bimbly, Maxi Cosi and Babyzen, The Baby Expo will showcase thousands of items, including exciting new brand and product launches.

The Baby Expo will also feature Kris Fade, Joelle Mardinian, and Russell and Lindsey Kane, Safa Siddiqui and The Rahal’s sharing their experiences of balancing entrepreneurship with parenting, and will provide interactive workshops, expert education and support, as well as innovative products, celebrating and empowering new and expecting parents.