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Health Coach and Fat Loss Specialist “The Keto Girl UAE” Nyma Peracha talks about the importance of prioritising women’s health and how critical maintaining a good balanced diet is

At the age of 38, I strive to focus not only on my aesthetic appearance but also on ensuring that I fuel my body with a well-balanced diet. Having struggled with conception back in 2016 for many years and having tried many different avenues to conceive, I decided to give natural conception one last chance before considering IVF.

In January 2018, after conducting a lot of research on the Keto diet and being recommended it by my doctor, I decided to give it a try. This diet comprises a high healthy fat intake with no carbs or sugar and a moderate amount of protein.

I started my journey on the Keto diet in January 2018, and after many challenging years of trying to conceive, I naturally fell pregnant in October 2018. Research shows that the high level of healthy fats in the Keto diet and the elimination of refined sugar and processed carbohydrates can significantly help rectify female hormonal issues.

I was fortunate not only to have conceived naturally but also to have had a wonderful pregnancy. The Keto diet enabled my body to feel balanced and strong enough to carry a child healthily for 9 months. My delivery was natural, and it was a true blessing.

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Health Coach and Fat Loss Specialist “The Keto Girl UAE” Nyma Peracha Image Credit: Supplied

After having my beautiful daughter, thanks to the Keto diet, I obtained an online certification specialising as a Health Coach focusing on female hormonal imbalances and fat loss for both men and women. I created Be More Healthy, a meal plan platform that tailors meal plans for both women and men facing hormonal issues, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, cancer, and many other health conditions. As the creator of Be More Healthy and Head Health Coach, my passion and drive behind this business is to help people with fat loss while optimising their health. Our company ethos is “Be the Best Version of You.”

Having firsthand experienced the benefits of optimising my health, I created Be More Healthy through both my personal experience and my educational knowledge about fat loss and how important it is for our bodies to be in a harmonious state for us to see any changes in our health.

Looking great and being in shape is wonderful, but the importance of internal health plays a huge role in fat loss, conception, skin health, hair, nail health, and so much more. With so many other meal plans on the market right now offering various options, Be More Healthy is less generic and more focused on our clients, their health, and their fat loss journey.

For more information, call 058 579 9196, visit or Insta, and @the_ketogirl_uae