Bal Krishen

As one of the UAE's most recognised brands, how would you define your growth story and that of your brand?

Established in 1989, Century Financial has been present through every phase of the UAE’s economic evolution. We started even before the Dubai Financial Market and the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange were public institutions in 2000. With over 35 years of experience in global financial markets, Century Financial stands as the UAE’s oldest and most recognised investment solutions provider, serving both local and expatriate populations.

Century Financial is a pioneer; we introduced trading and investments to Dubai investors. Our growth is closely linked with Dubai’s incredible growth story. From the era of telex and trading floors to the advent of AI-based trading apps, we have witnessed and embraced every technological advancement in the trading and investment industry.

Over the years, I’ve watched Century Financial earn its place as the top choice for investors, a journey driven by our unwavering customer-focused approach and dedication to service excellence. We’ve built long-term relationships and delivered exceptional trading experiences through intuitive technology. It’s been incredibly rewarding to see how we’ve empowered investors to manage their financial portfolios with confidence and ease.

My personal journey at Century Financial is a testament to the opportunities and growth this firm offers. I joined as a dealer in 1999, driven by a passion for numbers and finance. My dedication and hard work, coupled with the firm’s supportive environment, allowed me to demonstrate proficiency in trading, analysis, and strategy. This, in turn, facilitated my growth within the organisation, leading to various senior positions and ultimately, the role of CEO.

How do you believe your brand will continue to contribute to this remarkable growth story in the coming years?

At Century, we’re excited about the future. We’ll keep growing with the latest technology and innovation. Our mobile and web apps, CRM systems, and client portal simplify trading, helping clients manage their portfolios effortlessly. We use advanced data analytics to offer personalised insights, helping our clients make smart decisions.

By integrating technology, we plan to go global! Our digital platforms break down barriers, allowing us to reach clients worldwide. We also believe in empowering our staff and building a culture based on growth, trust and all-inclusiveness.

The future holds promise at Century, and we are endeavouring to build a world-class organisation with key fundamental drivers. Firstly, we seek to establish a world-class organisation by introducing innovative products and utilising technology coupled with collaboration with strategic fintech partners. Secondly, our commitment to driving industry growth ensures that we achieve a significant domestic and international presence, positioning us as leaders in our field. We are confident in our ability to innovate and expand, paving the way for continued success.

What is the legacy you hope to leave behind for the future set of UAE corporate leaders, as well as for your management and staff?

As a business leader, I aspire to inspire future UAE corporate leaders and empower teams to contribute to their organisation’s journey of excellence and growth.

At Century, I encourage a culture of innovation, client-centricity, and integrity, where continuous improvement with Kaizen principles drives us forward. This approach enables the team to actively participate in identifying opportunities for improvement and implementing solutions.

By fostering a commitment to client satisfaction and embracing challenges as opportunities for growth, we continue to operate as a great place to work and lead with ethics and community impact, setting high governance and social responsibility standards.

Beyond financial success, my goal is to inspire business leaders to seek opportunities ethically, especially in the financial services industry, since we operate under regulations and have fiduciary responsibilities.

My advice to business leaders is grounded in the principle of 3S — sustainability, scalability, and simplicity, ensuring our legacy is one of innovation, resilience, and empowerment coupled with positive community contributions.