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In the early winter of 2002, the Ministry of Health in the UAE took a pivotal step by introducing regulations and licensing procedures for practice of homeopathy, a scientific medical system originating from Germany. This move was met with enthusiasm by practitioners in the region, providing a long-awaited avenue for those keen on utilising the benefits of homeopathy but lacking local access.

The implementation of regulations led to a surge in both the number of homeopathic practitioners and the demand for homeopathic treatment among the UAE population. Recognising this growing interest, healthcare providers began incorporating Homeopathy facilities into their centres, further fuelling its expansion. This momentum was sustained by unwavering support from health authorities and the proactive efforts of practitioners in raising awareness about homeopathy.

The licensing process for homeopathy practitioner involves a thorough evaluation of their credentials, experience, and skills, ensuring that only qualified professionals are authorised to provide treatment. This rigorous assessment safeguards the quality and standards of homeopathic healthcare services offered in the UAE.

The homeopathy community in the UAE has played a pivotal role in fostering awareness and growth through regular activities such as medical conferences, workshops, and case discussions. These events, often focusing on prevalent health concerns in the region, serve as platforms for practitioners to update their knowledge and skills in practice.

Noteworthy conferences in Dubai like the AUREA -21 National Conference in November 2021, commemorating the UAE’s Golden Jubilee year, the REMEDIUM 4 International Conference in November 2022, marking 20 years of Homeopathy in the UAE, and the “IRIS – 23” Integrated paediatric Conference in November 2023, have witnessed overwhelming success. Additionally, the recent “2nd International AYUSH conference” in January boasted over 500 homeopathy professionals from around the world, showcasing the robust growth of Homeopathy in the region.

Homeopathy pharmaceutical distributors have also played a crucial role by providing genuine, high-quality medicines in the region from reputable international brands & manufacturers such as Dr. Reckeweg, Adler, HEVERT (Germany), Herbamed (Swiss), BOIRON (France), and Bhargava Phytolab (India).

With skilled practitioners, rising demand and the availability of quality medicines, Homeopathy is increasingly becoming a preferred choice for addressing regular healthcare concerns in the UAE. Its emphasis on health promotion and prevention contributes significantly to enhancing the overall quality of life when applied effectively.

Dr Ananth Alphons D’Souza, B.H.M.S., M.D. (Homeopathy), Senior Homeopathy Practitioner, Med 7 Nasser Clinic, Al Qusais, Dubai. Ph: 04 220 3111, Unicare Medical Centre, Mankool Branch, Dubai. Ph: 04 352 9292, Email:, Phone: 050 677 3401
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