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  • Homeopathy patients reveal their treatment journeys and how the alternative form of medicine offered relief for a series of chronic health conditions


What specific health issues or conditions have you successfully treated with homeopathy?

I started taking homeopathy medication from my teens. Over the years I have been able to tackle PCOS, migraine, laryngitis, allergies, constipation, cholesterol, cough, cold and overall immunity boosting during covid.

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How has it improved your overall well-being?

The best part about doing homeopathy is the lack of side effects. It feels like a silent healer where it is actually setting my system right to function on its own rather than just hiding the symptoms temporarily. And contrary to popular belief homeopathy medicines have given me results in as little as two days as well.

Can you share a specific experience where homeopathy has made a significant difference in your health or quality of life, compared to other forms of treatment you may have tried?

That would definitely be my experience with PCOS. I had a lot of issues with irregular periods and when I was diagnosed with PCOS, I started taking allopathic medicines. Those medicines literally ruined 6-8 months of my life where I was constantly weak, had no stamina, felt bloated at all times and would have bouts of hunger, nausea and anxiety. Those months were the worst I have experienced in my life. It didnt help much and I finally gave up and shifted to homeopathy. Within a week I was back to normal life. Moreover PCOS is said to always come back within 2-3 years, but it’s been more than 12 years now and I havent got PCOS back.


Homeopathy actually came to us as a boon… and I am so glad it happened. My son who just started going to nursery and then foundation school, frequently started getting ill as he used to come in contact with other children. He also had a history during birth and therefore needs some medicinal support.

We tried allopathic and ayurvedic medicines and every episode of administering the medicine turned was like waging war. My son started avoiding going to doctors. He was just not comfortable with anyone in a white coat.

Then a friend recommended homeopathy medicine and I decided to give it a try. That’s how we ended up meeting Dr Shreelekha.

Dr Shreelekha is a magician, she was so good with my child and the medicine she gave was incredibly easy to administer. And that’s why we stuck to it. Appreciating the results almost our whole family started using her medicines.

In today’s conventional practice, I feel that the physician spends very little time with the patient, as they are trying to manage the symptoms and not the root cause. Dr Shreelekha spends quality time with us, enquiring about our case history and lifestyle before administering any medication. They take time, but they work.

Homoeopathy is considered as a healing science, which makes the patient better mentally (emotionally and intellectually), physically and socially. Following are the reasons why:

- Medicines are easily available and much cheaper than other forms of medicine.

- Homoeopathic medicines are easy to administer.

- Homoeopathy cures, and I have seen that it tries to cure the root cause and not only the symptom.

- Homoeopathy is also used to improve one’s lifestyle. Because of its holistic nature of healing, the medicine is a good way of managing your lifestyle. In this fast-paced world, Homeopathy medicine, is easy to administer without hampering your day-to-day activities.

- We feel that we are treated with a general sense of well-being. We strongly feel that this medicinal practice helps in developing good immunity, my child now falls sick far less over a period of time and lives a healthier and fruitful life.

I hope there are more advancements in this line of medicine and things get more cheaper than they are, and more accessible so more people can lead a better life.


I had severe chronic allergies for years and tried many treatments, all of which gave me only temporary relief. Then this one time I was discussing my health issues with a friend in India, who suggested I try homeopathic treatment.

I got in touch with Dr Shali in Sharjah and started my treatment, and was happy to find relief through the treatment. The doctor advised that I opt for a course of treatment that provided long-term relief, which I did. This gradually reduced the frequency of my allergic conditions. Now Dr Shali treats all my family members and they experienced the same sense of relief I did when I started my treatment journey.

I would like to thank Dr Shali for his valuable advice and timely treatment and care, as he is available at any time, even over a phone call, to provide support.


As a child I had always seen my mother opt for homeopathy treatment for some of her ailments, but I did not try it myself to treat my chronic headaches and migranes.

I have had migrane from a very young age and its recurrence had become more frequent and intense post having children. I have all along continued to live with the pain in the belief that there is no cure to this ailment. Over-the-counter medicines have always been a temporary solution and beyond a point, these weren’t helpful either.

I used to consult Dr Soumaya specifically for treating my children’s regular cough and colds. Seeing the benefit of homeopathy on my children, I decided to opt for homeopathy to cure my migraines. Homeopathy led me to evaluate my food and living choices, which helped me understand the probable causes and triggers for my condition.

After being regular with my homeopathy medication, I could see a notable difference in my condition. It has gradually helped to reduce the intensity of pain as well as reduce the occurrence.

Use of homeopathy has had a positive impact on my family’s overall well-being as I feel it’s completely safe compared to conventional medicines, which provide temporary relief with side effects and sometimes are not at all helpful in chronic conditions.