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An astounding 4 billion individuals worldwide experience water stress for at least one month annually, a figure projected to rise to 60 per cent of the global population by 2050. While there’s a growing motivation to cut down water usage, a significant 47 per cent don’t know how to proceed. GROHE, one of the leading global brands for complete bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings, offers innovative solutions needed to tackle this problem.

GROHE’s EcoJoy technology in faucets and showers cuts water use without sacrificing performance. With a flow limiter, GROHE EcoJoy faucets use only five litres per minute instead of ten. Plus, when paired with GROHE SilkMove ES, they dispense cold water when the lever’s in the middle, saving even more.

GROHE Thermostats represent another breakthrough in water-saving technology, particularly valuable in shower systems. GROHE models often feature the EcoButton, allowing full water flow only when pressed, potentially saving up to 50 per cent of water without any conscious effort.

Moreover, GROHE’s innovative touchless faucets reduce up to 70 per cent of water consumption as water flow is activated only when necessary, as the mixer automatically shuts off when users remove their hands from beneath the faucet, such as during soaping or after a predetermined period.

GROHE’s commitment to water conservation extends beyond innovative fixtures and faucets. GROHE Sense and GROHE Sense Guard save up to 10 per cent of water annually, detecting leaks and averting water damage. These smart water security systems bolster conservation efforts while providing homeowners peace of mind.

Through these initiatives, GROHE endeavours to empower consumers to make tangible contributions to water conservation and environmental sustainability in their daily lives.