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All parents want the best for their little ones. They want to give children the best start in life that will set up them up for a life of success, fulfilment, and happiness. When it comes to early education, the choice is between a nursery and a school setting. And when all things are considered, the choice is easy, says Jenny Evans, Senior Deputy Principal of GEMS Royal Dubai School.

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A home-like haven

Many assume that only standalone nurseries can offer a cosy, home-like environment. However, that’s far from reality. All good schools, including my own, GEMS Royal Dubai School, pride themselves on providing a nurturing and secure environment intentionally crafted to emulate a home away from home. With fully UK qualified and experienced educators at the helm, children thrive at their own pace, fostering independence and confidence. Moreover, the strong partnership purposefully developed between teachers and parents contributes to a personalised, supportive and rapid learning journey.

Smooth transition to primary

Enrolling in a school ensures a seamless transition from foundation stage to primary school. Familiarity with the surroundings, the teachers, and fellow classmates eases the progression through different academic years, laying the groundwork for a confident and happy educational journey and avoids settling in concerns later down the line.

Access to specialised facilities

Pupils benefit from specialised facilities and staffing, from access to swimming pools to lessons led by qualified instructors ¬ always with an optimal teacher-to-child ratio. Furthermore, dedicated subjects such as music and facilities like science labs provide unique opportunities for holistic development.

Open lines of communication and flexibility

Effective communication is pivotal in fostering trust between parents and educators. Schools excel in bridging the gap between home and school, sharing children’s experiences through regular photo and video updates. Additionally, flexible drop-off and pick-up times, coupled with convenient transportation services, cater to the diverse needs of families.

Fostering engaged learning

The success of early years education hinges on a vibrant and engaged learning environment. When evaluating nursery versus school settings, observe the atmosphere closely – joyful, settled, and secure children are indicative of a positive setting. Engaging educators, who infuse learning with fun and excitement, play a pivotal role in shaping a child’s early educational journey.

From seamless transitions and specialised facilities to effective communication channels and an engaging learning environment, schools are adept at providing the holistic support necessary for a child’s early educational journey. Your child’s happiness and development are paramount, and a school setting is meticulously designed to nurture these foundational aspects.

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