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Finesse has fine-tuned the process of helping businesses chart out their digital transformation journeys, to get the best outcomes. Image Credit: Supplied

Done right, digital transformation has the potential to meet evolving market and customer needs, quicker and more effectively. Some of the technology solutions Finesse provides to enable businesses include:

AI chatbots – Build 24*7 two-way conversations with your customers using conversational AI

BI & Analytics – Helps to deliver key insights for better business decision making

Blockchain solutions – Bring trust and transparency to your business transactions with an immutable, shared network platform

CRM/CEM – Ensure your customer has a frictionless experience with your brand and increase sales and improve customer satisfaction with continuous engagement

RPA/IPA – Automate routine & mundane processes and tasks with robotic software applications

Managed IT services – Finesse helps you to focus on your core business by managing your entire IT operations with on-site, off-shore and hybrid support models.

Securing Digital Transformation

For all the positives they bring to businesses, digital transformation also brings in as much amount of risk. Collectively referred to as digital risks, these are unexpected consequences that result from businesses embracing digital transformation.

Finesse, the digital transformation pioneer in the region, brings a holistic approach to your journey by introducing most innovative cybersecurity tools & solutions. Finesse helps you plan and fuel your digital ambition, while securing your business on the digital front, so you move forward with confident caution on your digital journey.

Info / Cyber security solutions provided by Finesse to secure your digital journey include -

Digital Risk and Compliance solutions – safeguarding your business from digital attacks, being compliant with regulatory requirements

Zero Trust - Never Trust, Always verify; Finesse provides solutions for the three main pillars of zero trust including microsegmentation, multi-factor authentication & least / privileged access management

Cloud and Application Assurance solutions - Define processes, controls, and technology to govern all information exchange through your cloud and application infrastructure

Digital Identity – Use zero-trust principles to verify your digital identities throughout your businesses & public platforms exposure

Managed Security Services – Cyberhub - powered by Finesse is a 24/7 SOC, monitors all cybersecurity events and alters, apply required AI & human controls as and when required to protect your organization