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As spring ushers in fresh possibilities, it’s the perfect time to breathe new life into our home décor. Whether you are looking for a complete makeover or just a few seasonal touches, inspiration is everywhere. From vibrant floral patterns and a botanical style to airy pastel hues, the options are endless. So why wait? Embrace the season’s trends and give your home a rejuvenating update. It’s the season for renewal, after all, and what better way to start than by transforming your home into a welcoming haven filled with the spirit of spring?

Design trends to know

Quiet luxury is at the forefront of spring-summer interior trends. “It embodies a calm colour palette that accentuates your treasured items while bringing airiness and light into our homes. This style is characterised by soft textures, shapes, and colours,” says Hanne Langmead, Collection Conceptualiser at THE One.

Hanne Langmead, Collection Conceptualiser at THE One

Statement materials such as marble, stone, polished wood, and natural fibres are now used extensively in creating spaces that exude warmth and a connection to nature. “This not only enhances the overall sense of tranquility but also adds a tactile element to the environment. The use of high-quality natural materials also elevates the luxurious feel of the space,” Langmead explains.

Spring-summer interiors are also witnessing a renewed interest in mixing materials and styles, which not only fuels creativity but also adds depth and character to spaces.

“There is a rise in fresh colour combinations, where inventive pairings infuse each room with a sense of individuality and style,” says Rasha Homsi, Founder & Director at Sophia Home by Patina Interiors. “Furthermore, bold lighting fixtures take centre stage, enhancing the ambiance and contributing to the overall atmosphere tailored for the seasons.”

Rasha Homsi, Founder & Director at Sophia Home by Patina Interiors

The fusion of classic aesthetics with modern elements is becoming increasingly popular in home décor. It adds a sense of enduring elegance while incorporating contemporary functionality.

“This trend is evident in many furniture collections, offering timeless pieces infused with contemporary flair. From elegant sofas to sleek dining sets, options abound for those seeking to refresh their living spaces with a blend of tradition and sophistication,” says Sayed Habib, Director, Danube Home.

Sayed Habib, Director, Danube Home

A shift towards natural elements is evident in spring interior trend, steering away from industrial aesthetics.“Vibrant hues and earthy vanilla tones replace sombre greys, signaling the arrival of spring and infusing spaces with vitality,” says a spokesperson from Design Studio by Al Huzaifa.

Retro charm from 17th century Europe finds its place in modern interiors with bobbin furniture, while ribbed glass accents add nostalgic allure to home decor. “Kitchens open up to showcase decorative elements, while bathrooms embrace bolder designs, reflecting a desire for personality and uniqueness,” says the spokesperson from Al Huzaifa.

Comfort remains paramount in home interiors, influencing furniture selections that prioritise cosiness without sacrificing style. “Plush upholstery, soft fabrics, and generously padded seating options create inviting and relaxing environments for gatherings. Quality materials play a crucial role in ensuring long-lasting satisfaction with furniture and home improvement items,” Habib says.

Bring the outside in

As summer brings people indoors in this region, the trend of integrating outdoor elements indoors becomes increasingly prominent.

“Use a lot of indoor plants and wall frames depicting natural scenes. Enhance larger furniture pieces with neutral tones by adding accents like throws and cushions in shades of green, yellow, and blue,” suggests Sulin Sugathan, President & Director of Retail at Royal Furniture.

Sulin Sugathan, President & Director of Retail at Royal Furniture

Incorporating a show-stopping furniture piece is another excellent way to transform a room, say experts. By adding a statement piece, you can effortlessly embrace design trends without the need to overhaul everything.

“This season, rounded and curved furniture is all the rage,” says Langmead. “Adding elements such as curved sofas, round coffee tables, or circular chairs, can create a more inviting and cosier atmosphere. These pieces help soften the lines in a room and add a sense of flow and movement. When incorporating this trend, it’s beneficial to mix curved and straight lines to achieve a balanced and harmonious look.”

Meanwhile, sculptural furniture is making inroads in home design. “Chairs, tables and lighting fixtures with sculptural forms are making a splash in contemporary interiors. These pieces blur the line between art and furniture, adding visual interest to any room,” says Habib from Danube Home.

Asymmetry and modern styles are also dominating this year, alongside a resurgence of seventies aesthetics featuring soft, smooth lines.

“This revival doesn’t signal a return to retro; instead, it embraces futuristic designs like radius sofas, armchairs with rounded shapes, and unconventional beds. These elements inject a sense of innovation and creativity into contemporary spaces, offering a fresh take on modern living,” says the spokesperson from Al Huzaifa.

Home design
A well-designed accent wall can easily transform the look of a space Image Credit: Shutterstock

Demand for furniture designs with multifunctional features is gaining traction as urban living spaces become smaller and more compact. “Pieces that can serve multiple purposes, such as sofa beds with storage compartments or extendable dining tables, are highly sought after for their versatility and space-saving capabilities,” says Sugathan.

When it comes to lighting designs, organic lighting takes centre stage with bold, sculptural shapes and black and brass finishes, setting the ambiance for multifunctional living areas. “The English Eccentric trend combines classic design with maximalist elements, resulting in vibrant, personality-filled spaces that celebrate bold patterns and textures,” explains the spokesperson from Al Huzaifa.

How to embrace the seasonal trends

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to update the look and feel of your home is by changing the upholstery of sofas, cushions, pillows and drapes. By introducing light, airy materials in calming hues, you can instantly infuse your space with the freshness of the season. Whether it’s swapping out heavy fabrics for breezy cotton, linen and sheer fabrics or adding pops of mood-lifting tones with cheerful throw pillows, these simple changes can make a big impact on the overall ambience of your home.

“For spring and summer, popular upholstery trends include chintz – a type of printed cotton fabric – and large colourful patterns. Chintz fabric brings a touch of traditional charm with its floral motifs and glossy finish, while large colorful patterns make a bold statement, adding vibrancy and personality to any space,” says Homsi.

Natural materials such as linen, cotton, and woven rattan are favoured choices, prized for their breathable and lightweight qualities. “When it comes to patterns, botanical prints, abstract motifs, and geometric designs are trending, offering homeowners plenty of options to integrate personality and visual interest into their spaces,” says Habib, adding, “Consider incorporating sheer fabrics for curtains to allow ample natural light to filter through, enhancing the bright and airy ambiance of your interiors.”

As spring transitions into summer, the colour scheme for home décor takes on a fresh palette. Colours like soft blush pink, lively yellow, earthy terracotta tones, and captivating colour combinations are the trending colours for this season. “Choose the right tones to elevate the mood and set the tone for the overall environment,” says Homsi.

To incorporate the trending colours of the season into your décor, opt for either upholstery or statement pieces in complementary shades.

“Embrace the versatility of neutral shades like beige or taupe as a backdrop to highlight the vibrancy of the spring colours. Another approach is to integrate botanical elements such as indoor plants or botanical prints to enhance the natural theme of the colour scheme,” suggests Habib.

If you are not planning a full interior revamp, consider using the trending colours subtly, in stylish cushions, throws, or rugs that will elevate your space with minimal effort, Homsi says.

“Imagine cosy throws on the sofa, plush rugs in the living room, or vibrant cushions adorning your favourite armchair. Alternatively, a simple bouquet of flowers can instantly infuse your home with that lively spring vibe.”

As you consider incorporating the seasonal trends into your home décor, don’t overlook the impact a well-designed accent wall can have in transforming the look of a space.

“Select vibrant or deep hues such as emerald green, navy blue, or terracotta, to make a bold statement. Metallic finishes are also a good option, adding a touch of glamour and sophistication to the space,” says Sugathan.

“If you are looking for wallpapers, choose designs with interesting textures like grasscloth, faux brick, or geometric patterns. Textured wallpaper adds depth and visual interest to the wall. You can also use natural materials like wood paneling, stone veneer, or reclaimed wood planks for an organic and rustic accent wall. These materials bring warmth and texture to the space, evoking a sense of cosiness and connection to nature,” explains Sugathan.

Achieving a blend of current trends and cohesive design scheme is key to integrating seasonal flair into your home décor without overpowering the space.

“Select a focal point in the room to highlight the seasonal trend. This could be a statement piece of furniture, an accent wall, or a decorative item. By focusing on the trend in specific areas, you prevent it from dominating the entire space. Balance seasonal colours and patterns with neutral backgrounds to create a visual harmony,” says Habib from Danube Home, adding, “Stay true to your personal style and design preferences. Choose seasonal trends that resonate with you and complement your existing décor, rather than following every trend blindly.”