Sahar Zarringhalam, seen with her daughter, will launch the Bloom Mommy and Baby Center in Dubai in January next year

As the driving force behind the groundbreaking Bloom Mommy and Baby Center in Dubai, Sahar Zarringhalam believes the centre to the first-ever in the region. And she is right. Opening doors in January next year, the centre promises a revolution in fitness and wellness care. Sahar shares the genesis of her innovative concept, shedding light on the inspiration that fueled its creation and the gaps it aims to fill in the maternal and baby care sector.

From preconception to postnatal care, and even into menopause, Bloom will offer a comprehensive suite of specialised services and activities tailored to support women at every stage of their journey. In an exclusive interview, Sahar speaks to GN Focus about the concept.

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Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m a mum of two — I have a daughter who is 3 years old, and a son, 16 months. I am also an ex-athlete and have a level 3 certificate in personal training. I have specialised in prenatal and postnatal training, have certifications in Menopause Management, diastasis recti and pelvic floor awareness. I work towards bettering myself every day and broadening my knowledge of maternity and the journey of motherhood.

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How did the idea of setting up Bloom Mommy and Baby Center come about?

Well, my journey began when I was pregnant with my first child. I used to be a very active person, spending three hours in the gym every day, following a strict diet…. But during my pregnancy four years ago, I had severe bouts of morning sickness and heartburn. I know that women go through tough times during pregnancies, and I suffered a lot too. I lost around five kilos early in my pregnancy and experienced some complications as well. Throughout the time my family was there to support me. My husband helped me a lot; as did my best friend, my mother-in-law and my mother. But I still felt like I was struggling alone. I desperately felt the need to connect with someone who could understand my struggles, exchange experiences and learn from these interactions.

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One day I was sitting down and taking a hard look at myself. Of course, my body didn’t look the same as before when I was an athlete, but I also didn’t have that glorious bump that many women talk about. I felt very low. Much later, I realised I’d been body shaming myself, but at that time it was so difficult. The emotions really got to me.

I was desperate to belong to a place where I would be wanted, where I would be comfortable and understood. That’s when I started envisioning a centre that could offer women like me the kind of support we need and a feeling of empowerment.

Suddenly things began to become clear. I began writing down every element I wanted this centre to have — essentially, a comprehensive support system for women throughout their journey of motherhood. It would be a haven for all - aspiring mothers, those who are pregnant, post-partum and those going through the stages of menopause.

Once that plan developed in my mind, I wanted to realise it. To that end, I acquired the requisite qualifications as well as extensive training, and today, I am delighted to say that I am bringing this idea to life after four years. I am proud to be introducing the first-ever mommy and baby centre in the region: Bloom. It’s like my third child!

I must mention that I would not be anywhere close to where I am today if it wasn’t for the support of my husband, Ernesta Aleksandrovas. He helps me a great deal in taking care of the kids so I can work long hours towards what my vision is. I think it’s very important for men to support their wives in raising children.

What is the USP of Bloom Mommy and Baby Center?

While there may be centres in Dubai offering some of the services that we do, there isn’t a centre where mums can find solutions for all their needs, conveniently located under one roof.

The Bloom Mommy and Baby Center will revolutionise the maternity journey, providing a plethora of services and activities for pre and postnatal women, and several and diverse activities for babies, and bigger kids. It will be a one-stop destination for a woman’s maternity and baby care needs. My mission is to empower women by providing a safe, supportive, and understanding environment. We aim to build a community where women can share their experiences and receive professional guidance and care.

Could you detail some of the services the centre will be offering?

Here, mothers can unwind, de-stress, get pampered (with spa treatments and mani pedis) and enjoy some quality TLC. Mums can stay active and healthy and participate in fitness sessions that cater to their unique needs while promoting physical well-being and stress relief.

There’ll be plenty of opportunities for kids to bloom with our specialised classes that support infant development, including sensory stimulation and early learning activities that can enhance overall growth and well-being. Mums and babies can also strengthen their bond through parent-child bonding sessions.

There will be prenatal workshops and informative classes on childbirth, preparation classes on breastfeeding, expert sessions on neonatal care to empower women with knowledge and confidence.

Mothers can benefit from personalised nutrition consultations and attend seminars on diets during pregnancy and postpartum, as well as classes on how to wean their babies, ensuring optimal health for both mum and baby.

Plus, mothers can attend without worrying about leaving their babies behind, underscoring the fact this center caters to children too. It is also for women who are preparing to start a family, and those approaching or going through menopause. Together, I believe that we can make the motherhood journey a positive and empowering experience.

Bloom at The Baby Expo Dubai

Tell us about your pavilion at The Baby Expo Dubai on May 24 & 25 at the World Trade Centre, Za’abeel Hall 5&6.

We are participating in a big way at the Baby Expo. We have a nice booth — number A1B. Our pavilion will offer mothers the opportunity to enjoy their time there. We’ll have photo booths, a meet-and-greet area where I will personally meet mums, and get to know their needs and dreams, and how best we can serve them in our Bloom centre. There will also be an educational stage and a huge panel of experts. I will be opening the stage following which the experts will offer lots of tips to mums on baby care. In a nutshell, it will reflect things mums can expect at the Bloom Mother and Baby Centre — expert advice, lots of fun activities and sessions, plenty of pampering and lots and lots of TLC for mum.

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