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Every child is unique, from their abilities to their intellectual capabilities. As some children are differently abled, it is important to recognise their different abilities and strengths.

What is autism spectrum disorder (ASD)?

Autism is a developmental behavioural disorder that develops within three years of life. It involves varying patterns of connectivity between the brain’s complex regions. Because of these complications, children with ASD face difficulties in social interaction.

Moreover, the spectrum indicates that autism appears in different forms with varying levels of symptoms and severity in individuals. Each person experiences their unique strength, symptoms and challenges.

Symptoms of ASD can be divided into two categories:

1) Problem with communication and social interaction

2) Restricted repetitive pattern of activities or behaviour

The symptoms also include the following:

● Trouble in eye contact

● Not responding to their name

● Facial expressions are flat

● No interest in engaging with others

● Tip toeing

● Difficulties to understand others’ feelings

● Prefers being alone

● Often occupied with certain objects for long periods of time

● Change is frustrating for them

● Hypersensitivity to certain things like texture of clothes, sounds etc.

● Difficulties with verbal and non-verbal communications.

Why do autistic children laugh?

Patients often laugh out of content as they are not aware of preliminary emotions. Understanding complex emotions is a foreign concept to them.


In response to overstimulation and emotional stress, autistic people self sooth along and move repeatedly. For example:

● Hand flapping

● Rocking back or forth

● Rubbing and shaking certain things

Regression in autism

Loss of previously acquired skills, developmental milestones including

● Language

● Social skill

● Motor functions

Risk factors

● Hereditary

● Environmental factors


Homeopathy has proven to be exceptionally effective for treating autism. Early intervention and thorough homeopathic treatment based on psycho-immunological axes can alleviate certain symptoms to adjust to a more functional lifestyle by improving behavioural and social communication skills. For example, there can be a significant decrease in hyperactivity, anxiety, improving eye contact, obeying command, help in developing speech,increasing immunity level etc.

As a modern society, we should empathise and accept these polarities and join hands to provide a better future for children with ASD factors.

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