Eid Home
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With Eid Al Fitr just around the corner, there’s hardly any time to give your home a complete makeover. But don’t worry! With some quick yet impactful tricks, you can easily spruce up your home and get it ready for family gatherings during Eid holidays. Whether it’s adding some thoughtful touches or cleverly updating the look and feel of your home, we’ve got you covered with easy tips from industry experts to refresh your space in no time.

First impressions count

Design your entryway to be warm and welcoming. With just a few simple tweaks to your furniture arrangement, accessories and artwork, you can transform the entryway and create an impactful first impression on guests. Also consider personalising the space with family photos, artworks and accessories that reflect your unique décor style.

Tejasvi Duvuri, Buying Manager at Chattels & More

“Start by decluttering and organising the space with storage solutions like baskets and hooks. Hang a stylish mirror to create the illusion of more space and brighten up the area,” says Sayed Habib, Director, Danube Home.

Carpet runners, consoles, fresh flowers, and a combination of decor objects and vases are some of the great ways to enhance the entryway, suggests Tejasvi Duvuri, Buying Manager at Chattels & More. “Don’t be afraid to experiment with a different paint colour on the entry wall to give it its own character,” she says.

Upholstery upgrade

By simply refreshing your upholstery, curtains, cushions and throws, you can effortlessly add a touch of glamour to any room. Swap your old fabrics with fresh, vibrant ones, and watch as your space turns into a stylish and inviting retreat – perfect for Eid hosting. From bold patterns to subtle textures, you have plenty of options in fabrics to play around and these changes will instantly breathe new life to your décor.

Eid Home
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“Neutral earthy tones, and natural fabrics like linen, cotton, bamboo, and silk, are trending,” says Duvuri. “At the same time, for those who prefer bolder interiors, dark hues like deep mustard, smoked green, midnight blue, burnt brown and charcoal greys are good choices in accent and statement furniture and soft furnishing,” she points out.

Nature-inspired patterns, botanical prints, floral motifs, and geometric designs that mirror the tranquility of the season, are also in vogue, says Habib.

Sayed Habib, Director, Danube Home

“Rich textures weave a tale of luxury and comfort, with materials like velvet, chenille, or bouclé adding depth and warmth to living spaces. The choice of patterns, fabrics, and styles should reflect the essence of Eid, creating a sanctuary of peace, joy, and connection for family and friends to gather and celebrate the blessings of the season,” suggests Habib.

Rug revamp

Consider adding or changing the existing carpets to update the look of your home. A statement rug in a bright, bold colour can serve as a focal point, instantly setting the design tone and personality for the room. Additionally, incorporating a couple of smaller rugs in different sizes allows you to design cozy, warm corners for entertaining guests during Eid.

“When selecting rugs for your home, consider a few key factors like size and shape, ensuring it complements the room’s dimensions without overpowering it,” says Habib, adding, “Whether it’s geometric designs or traditional motifs, try matching the rug’s colour, style and pattern to your overall décor of the living space. Choose materials that are stain-resistant or machine-washable, and consider pile height for comfort and practicality.”

You can align the colour of your carpet with the drapes to create a cohesive look, says Duvuri.

“If you are not afraid to explore your creativity, opt for a two-carpet display in the same space, either overlapping them or keeping them side by side. Using organic shaped rugs in smaller spaces often helps create the illusion of a bigger room.”

Light up the room

Whether it’s twinkling lights, elegant candles or LED lanterns, these affordable options can instantly elevate your décor and set the stage for memorable gatherings during the Eid weekend.

“While selecting Eid lights, consider functionality alongside the festive theme. Big star and moon lamps are beautiful, but ensure they provide enough ambient light,” says Sulin Sugathan, President & Director of Retail at Royal Furniture.

Sulin Sugathan, President & Director of Retail at Royal Furniture

“To create the ideal atmosphere for celebrations, try to pick elegant lampshades that complement the colour and theme of your decor. Fairy lights draped around furniture or curtains, too, could add a magical touch to the overall ambience. Use dimmer switches to create a warm, inviting atmosphere, ideal for Eid gatherings,” explains Sugathan.

Design a focal point

Accent walls are an easy and cost-effective way to create a captivating focal point in your living room. Whether you opt for bold paint colours or decorative wallpapers, an accent wall adds depth and personality to any room.

“For wallpapers, opt for bold patterns or textures and mix and match patterns for a unique touch. When it comes to paints, choose contrasting colours or experiment with different techniques like ombre or stencil art,” suggests Habib.

“Add texture with textured paint or sponge painting. Prepare the wall properly, take accurate measurements, and get creative to achieve the desired look for your accent wall, whether using wallpapers or paint.”

Bring magic to the table

When it comes to Eid celebrations, the heart of the action is always around the dinner table. That’s why setting the scene with stunning table designs is key. Not only should it look great, but it should also be functional, making it easy for everyone to grab a bite.

“Neutral elegance will never go out of style. To create the look, begin with a crisp white tablecloth, complemented by ivory or beige dinnerware and metallic accents like gold or silver chargers and glassware. Finish with neutral-toned flowers or greenery for a sophisticated centerpiece,” says Habib.

If you prefer a more vibrant and colourful look, choose a colour palette of deep reds, emerald greens, or royal blues.

“Layer colourful table linens, like table runners or place mats, in coordinating hues. Mix and match dinnerware in complementary colours or patterns, add metallic accents with gold or silver napkin rings, candlesticks, and decorative elements,” he says.

Sugathan advises to incorporate small details that capture the spirit of Eid regardless of your base choices.

“Scatter decorative crescent moons and stars across the table, use beautiful serving platters with intricate Islamic geometric patterns and add warmth with candles nestled in gold votives. The key is to choose elements that complement each other, creating a sense of occasion,” Sugathan explains.

The weather is still pretty comfortable now; so you can even opt for an alfresco Eid feast.

“Set a rustic wooden table or picnic blanket adorned with natural elements like woven place mats, wooden trays, and ceramic dishes for a laid-back yet elegant ambience. Enhance the atmosphere with potted plants, lanterns, and string lights,” says Habib. ■