JBR Walk: Three entry-exit points Image Credit: Abdel-Krim Kallouche/XPRESS

The Walk, Jumeirah beach Residence


Rows of shops and restaurants could make you think you are walking down Paris’ Champs-Élysées. The place is forever lively and buzzing.

THE GOOD: The high visitor turnout (expats, tourists and people from other emirates show the popularity of this hotspot). Plus the shopping and food options are fabulous

THE BAD: With many people around, it can be a bit tight to walk, especially through the cafés


Dubai Shopping Festival, Dubai International Film Festival, Red Bull X-Fighters, World Music Festival Dino Live, Beach Soccer, Footvolley World Cup are all hosted here

THE GOOD: Plenty of activities to keep adults coming back for more

THE BAD: Very little activities for children


Medium to high priced shops. Boutique 1, Style Outlet, Opera Shoes, Zara Home, Virgin Mega Store, Marina Exotic Home Interiors, Zaveri are some.

THE GOOD: Choice brands offer a wide variety

THE BAD: Prices are slightly on the higher side due to its location


Great variety from casual to fine dining. Bo House Café, Haru, On the Border, Scoozi, Starbucks, the Butcher Shop & Grill, Tim Horton’s, Burger Fuel, Coco’s, Cone Street, Da Shi Dai, Fudruckers, Paul, The Noodle Room are some that offer a good mix of cuisines.

THE GOOD: Variety of restaurants catering to different taste-buds.

THE BAD: Cramped space at and between outlets can leave patrons sitting close to each other


There are over 30 spas and wellness centres such as Spa Dunya, The Tanning Zone, International Spa Partners, Feet First.

THE GOOD: Good variety to cater to the multicultural residents here

THE BAD: Nothing really


Entry and exit is straight-forward and clear-cut. There are no major deviations and once you are in JBR it is very easy to get into The Walk. There are three entry-exit points

THE GOOD: Very easy to access the place

THE BAD: Traffic pile up can be a major hindrance


There are three types of parking. Paid parking near Hilton for Dh5 an hour, free parking besides retail outlets/restaurants and valet parking at designated hotels

THE GOOD: Parking cost is relatively decent

THE BAD: Nothing bad really


The Walk JBR – A must visit place in Dubai. No surprise that a staggering 10 million visitors came here in 2012. Cobbled walkways lined with cafes, restaurants and shopping give an impression of being somewhere in Europe.

THE GOOD: Access to the place is easy and parking space and rates are pretty reasonable. Plenty of good shopping and eating to be done here.

THE BAD: Traffic piles up every afternoon from about 3.15pm are a major headache.

Dubai Marina Walk


With ultra-luxurious yachts lining the turquoise blue waters of the marina on one side and choice restaurants on the other, the 7-km walkway offers breathtaking views. The pedestrian walkway is ideal for a long leisurely walk, cycling and for kids to play.

THE GOOD: There is plenty of beauty to soak up, especially in the evenings when the lights come on and the place takes on a whole new atmosphere

THE BAD: Nothing really bad here


Bicycle rides (Dh15 for 30 minutes), boat and yacht rides — charges vary but on average a 10-seater boat ride for half an hour costs Dh200. An 11-metre yacht ride that can accommodate eight guests costs Dh1,100 for an hour.

THE GOOD: There’s so much to do that you will be in a dilemma whether to bike, take a yacht or boat or simply soak in the beauty

THE BAD: Too much of a good thing (loads of activities) can be bad


There is no shopping here. The only place where you can find anything is Marina Mall.

THE GOOD: Nothing good here, except Marina Mall

THE BAD: Very little to interest those who want to club fun with shopping


Al Hakawati Café, Baskin Robbins, Tim Hortons, Bateel Café, Itsu Restaurant, Johnny Rockets, Round Table Pizza, Royal Orchid, Starbucks, The Rupee Room are some famous names here. Various shisha joints lining the Walk give the place a very Middle Eastern feel and aroma.

THE GOOD: Good mix of restaurants

THE BAD: Nothing really, though prices can be on the higher side


Angsana Spa & Health Club, Dr Nicolas & Asp, Frank Provost Salon, Kaya Skin Clinic are some wellness centres.

THE GOOD: Variety of spas to suit every whim and fancy

THE BAD: It’s not as easy to locate them as the Marina Walk is massive


Lots of construction activity around the area leading to the entrance can be quite a gruelling experience. There are two entry-exit points.

THE GOOD: No real traffic woes once you are in the Marina Walk

THE BAD: Not enough entry-exit points and lots of construction leading into the entry and exit to the place


There are two kinds of parking here, a valet parking for Dh50 (8 hours) and a basement car park (Dh50 an hour)

THE GOOD: Get free basement car parking if you get a stamp from any restaurant. No traffic inside Marina Walk as the place is designed to keep out traffic

THE BAD: Traffic flow in the area


A three-bedroom pent-house with seaview and two parking spots is priced around Dh3.7 million. A grand five-bedroom penthouse with 7,606 square feet costs Dh15 million

THE GOOD: Residents get to live in an upscale location in Dubai overlooking one of the most beautiful hotspots in town

THE BAD: Construction activity has caused traffic problems around Dubai Marina

CONCLUSION: The 7km promenade offers one of the most breathtaking views around. But it’s not just about the view. Plenty of activities here ensure visitors of all ages are entertained.

THE GOOD: Plenty of walking, biking ensures a healthy day spent here. With lots of picturesque views to soak up, visitors won’t feel burdened by the long walk that Marina Walk has to offer.

THE BAD: The only break that visitors can get from all the walking is unwinding at one of the restaurants. An option to shop could have provided an interesting break to visitors.