“I will only talk about Aap Kaa Surroor and nothing else,'' growls Himesh Reshammiya.

Judging from the tone of his voice – which thankfully doesn't sound as nasal as his songs – he is in a sullen mood. Perhaps it's justified...

After all, what are you expected to do when you are embroiled in a controversy even before your first film is released?

Reshammiya, for those who do not know, had to apologise recently for having hurt religious sentiments. The reason?

It came to light that he had visited the Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Hassan Chishti shrine in Ajmer, Rajasthan wearing a burqa (a veil worn by Asian Muslim women) to pray for the movie's success. “If I made a mistake, I apologise for it,'' he said.

Understandably he is keen that his venture into acting does not end in disaster. The question on everyone's lips is why should a well-established singer-composer take up acting. After all Sonu Nigam is the perfect example of a singer not making the cut in Bollywood.

Reshammiya, of course, does not emulate anyone, or so he states. Does he then take inspiration from the legendary Kishore Kumar?

“Kishoreda is a role model for any aspiring singer-actor,'' states Reshammiya.

“Be it in terms of acting, or singing, I don't think anyone can match his talents. Having said that, I will still give it my best shot.''

And then there's the question of Emraan Hashmi. The stubble and worn-out jeans seem quintessentially Hashmi.

So is he modelling himself on the actor? Not on his life, he avers.

“I attribute my styling to Roopa Chadha [sister of director Prashant Chadha].''

So what made him get into acting? Reshammiya says, “Prashant, who is also my buddy, thought I would make a good actor. It was he who coaxed me into working for this movie.''

Himesh is confident about his acting skills.

“I've always believed that if I put my heart into anything, I can do it well. My success in music and singing are proof enough. I feel I've given a heartfelt performance in my first movie, and am sure audiences will appreciate my effort,'' he says.

And for those wishing to emulate the man, Reshammiya is planning to open the HR (Himesh Reshammiya) School of Music.

That makes him a singer, composer, actor and an educator. What next?

“Only God knows. I hope audiences accept me in my new role as an actor. Only then can I do justice to each of my three talents in the future.''

What about pre-release rumours about Aap Kaa Surroor being based on his life?

“This movie has nothing to do with my personal experiences. I would however say that I have addressed most questions people have always been keen to know. My looks, why I never smile, why I wear a cap etc. The movie will answer all these and more.

“June 29, the date the movie was released is also my mum's birthday. It's a very auspicious day for me,'' says Reshammiya.

Auspicious? Maybe. Supersti-tious? Definitely.