Imad Al Hassan, 27, and Abdullah Allefdawi, 25, are colleagues working in the same bank. Even though they have known each other for a little over a year, they are the best of friends.

Imad Al Hassan: "I met Abdullah in the bank. I was working in the bank before he came so when he joined, I told him all about the bank's procedures and taught him a few things. This was almost a year ago.

"Our friendship sparked when we started going out together. We used to go to nightclubs and pubs together. That is when I realised that I had a lot of things in common with Abdullah. We listened to the same music, liked the same food and had similar ideas. Now we do a lot of things together and hang out a lot with each other.


"It is hard to trust people nowadays but I completely trust this guy. That is why I befriended him - because he is a trustworthy guy. I noticed that he was trustworthy through the bank. There were many different situations at work in which Abdullah proved that he is to be trusted.

"I know that he would never stab me in the back or talk badly about me when I am not around, which is what most people do. When I am sick and don't show up for work, Abdullah is the only person who would call up and ask about me. He always checks on me when I don't show up for work.

Not regular

"What is special about our friendship? There is nothing special, it is a regular friendship. What is special is that we have known each other for a very short time, yet are now the best and closest of friends. It takes years for people to become as close as we are. There are a lot of great people in the world, and Abdullah is one of them."

Abdullah Allefdawi: "Imad was just someone I met at work. We weren't friends or anything. We became real friends at a birthday party we were both invited to. That's when we started talking and I began to really know Imad. We talked about family, relationships, our future, goals and different things.

"What really got me closer to Imad was his kindness. I don't like having many friends. Two or three at most. What's the point of having many friends if you don't find them when you need them? A true friend is someone who is there for you when you really need him.

Very kind

"I noticed how kind Imad was at a training course we were both taking. I hadn't understood anything from the course and Imad took an hour out of his own time to explain everything to me. I wouldn't have understood anything if he hadn't explained things to me. Imad also helps everyone even if they are not his friends. He lends money to a lot of people because he believes that money comes and goes and it is God that gives and takes.

"Imad is also very funny. He loves to mimic people. He once had a Canadian client who was also a friend of his. Imad imitated the way this client spoke and his Canadian accent. It cracked me up. He is such a funny guy. He is always laughing, talking and joking around.

"I hope our friendship continues. Even though I've only known Imad for a year, he has become my best friend. I know if I ever need him, he will be there for me."

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