Meats & Cuts, the renowned, premier meat boutique and gourmet deli, rapidly expands with three new stores across the UAE and KSA, following the success of its flagship location in Jumeirah Parks, Dubai.

Khaled El Wazzan, Co-founder, Meats & Cuts Image Credit:

The popular brand has launched its latest branch in New Meadows Village, Dubai, following the opening of its stores in King Muhammad V, As Sulimaniyah, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and New Meadows Village, Dubai, UAE. The recent expansion is a testament to the success of the concept and the popularity amongst customers with its unique offerings. Furthermore, the Riyadh venue extends beyond its offering, proudly standing as the first-ever meat boutique in Riyadh with a fully women-operated front sales team.

Co-founded by Khaled El Wazzan, a serial entrepreneur with over 10 years in the F&B industry, Meats & Cuts has redefined the concept of traditional butcheries by adding a gourmet touch to the overall product line and experience. The premier artisan butchery and gourmet deli, boasts a selection of high-grade meat from steaks to sausages and cold cuts, as well as artisanal cheese sourced from various countries, along with an array of condiments. Further making the brand stores unique is its dry-aging room found in the Jumeirah Parks and Riyadh branches; a state-of-the-art chamber that has been carefully designed to replicate the climate and conditions found within natural caves for preserving their meats.

Customers can conveniently have their purchased meats expertly dry-aged to perfection within a professionally-setup environment. As part of their culinary experience, Meats & Cuts also serves mouthwatering smoked brisket steaks, juicy burgers and tender slow-cooked ribs on selected days of the week for walk-in customers to purchase.