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Gautam Mulani and Manish Bhatia, co-founders of the show, offer an insight into what to expect at the third edition of Middle East’s premium furniture trade fair:

What inspired you to start Hive Furniture Show?

We have been attending international furniture trade fairs since 2005. At the outset of the pandemic, when buyers couldn’t travel to source their furniture, we realized how much this region deserved a serious trade show, similar to the ones hosted in the US, Europe or Asia.Additionally, significant regions around the world have strong furniture trade shows catering to key markets like the US and Europe. Unfortunately, such a trade show was not available in the MEA region, therefore with the booming economies across the region and the increased demand for such exhibitions, the idea of creating a furniture show came about in December 2020, and that’s when Hive Furniture Show was founded.

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Tell us more about Hive Furniture Show

Gautam Mulani

Hive Furniture Show, the MEA region’s only dedicated event focusing on big-box retailers and wholesale traders, is now in its third edition and is 50% as big as last year’s. We have successfully attracted around 200 exhibitors from 15 countries, and we expect to welcome over 7,000 trade visitors. This includes big box retailers, wholesalers, e-commerce companies, and large-scale traders from over 60 countries.

Your vision for Hive Furniture Show?

Manish Bhatia

Our vision is to create a melting pot of the furniture industry, showcasing all the manufacturing countries under one roof. We want the show to become a destination for those seeking to explore the latest furniture trends and network with manufacturers from across the globe. This is the journey we have embarked on, and you will experience it during our event this year. Our aim is to establish HIVE as the go-to trade show in the region.

What are the highlights of this edition?

The biggest highlight of this edition of Hive is the convergence of East and West. We are proud to host nearly 200 exhibitors from 15 furniture manufacturing countries, along with international buyers from around the world, including America and Australia. Additionally, in line with the UAE’s celebration of the Year of Sustainability and its hosting of COP 28, we will place significant focus on creating awareness related to sustainability during this edition.

What are some key sustainability practices you hope to inculcate among the stakeholders at the event?

Sustainability is a paramount focus for us at Hive. This year, we have implemented several key practices to promote sustainability among stakeholders. Firstly, for every stand that we have sold, we are planting trees in rural India and suburbs of Indonesia. Additionally, we are committed to reusing almost all materials we purchased to build our stands last year, minimizing waste and promoting a circular economy. We have also formed a collaboration with an internationally recognized furniture supply group known for delivering sustainable furniture in the western market. Through this collaboration, we aim to educate buyers in our region on how they can embark on their sustainability journey. We understand that many people are eager to adopt sustainable practices but may not know where to begin, and we are dedicated to guiding them in this process.

The Hive show will take place at Expo Centre Sharjah from 14-16 June, 10am-6pm daily